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On-Ride Disney PhotoPass Photos Automatically Linked to Your My Disney Experience Account

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One of the things that I’ve been looking forward to since the introduction of MyMagic+ and MagicBands was the ability to see your on-ride photos (and now videos) automatically added to your My Disney Experience online account for you to be able to view at home. Today, that option officially became a reality. Now guests who are wearing a MagicBand will have their on-ride photos automatically linked to your account and you don’t have to do a thing!

For those who don’t have a MagicBand, that’s ok; you can still have the option to add the photos to your account. Simply stop at the on-ride photo display at the end of the attraction and find your photo. From there, you’ll need to have your RFID ticket scanned at a touch point and the photos will be added to your account.

Guests will be able to see on-ride photos (and videos) added to their My Disney Experience account from the following attractions:

The Disney Parks Blog mentioned that anyone who had been in the parks over the course of the past 45 days, their photos would already be able to be found in their MDE accounts. So I decided to test it. I logged in and wouldn’t you know it? It was true! Photos from my on-ride experiences from my previous trips were in fact there.

Do keep in mind that all Disney PhotoPass photos and videos do have an expiration date; expiring 45 days after photos were taken. So if you would like to purchase an on-ride photo, make sure to do it before the window expires.

This is a great perk for those who want to be able to purchase these photos when you return home after your vacation, especially if you didn’t pre-purchase the Memory Maker option. Disney’s PhotoPass is clearly on the move thanks to MyMagic+ and I’m curious to see where things are headed.


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13 thoughts on “On-Ride Disney PhotoPass Photos Automatically Linked to Your My Disney Experience Account

  • I loved this feature when we visited last month (Sept). Although I stopped and had my photos added to my Memory Maker account, I didn’t have to (and then realized the same photo was added at least twice). All of our ride photos/videos showed up! The only one that didn’t was Everest and when I contacted them for lost photos they said that the photo wasn’t hooked up the morning we were riding. Sad. But overall it was great!

  • This is pretty neat, as the ride photos weren’t there when we first got back from vacation. Only a few of them actually have us in them, and no videos at all from the many times we rode ToT and oddly, stills from Mine Train but no videos. Nothing at all from Test Track, Everest, Dinosaur, or Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. Still, it was an unexpected bit of magic to find the pictures they did add, so thanks for reporting on this or I’d probably never have known! 🙂

  • I just looked on the site and this was in Disney’s article. “Guests will be able to view these videos in their accounts, but a Memory Maker entitlement is required to download and share them.”

    • I didn’t have the Memory Maker on my most recent trip. My ride photos are in my account and there’s an option to buy/download them individually.

      • I am curious if this will also work with an old, unused photopass+ credit? I hope you can download the pictures and videos as like with the Memory Maker?!

      • I am also curious about how this will work with old pp+. I have an old photopass+ CD code but no longer have the voucher (we redeemed the voucher for the pp+ card but then never ordered the CD when we got back home because we had too few photos). I was saving the CD code for a future trip when we could take more photos. Now I’m not really sure what I can do with it.

  • What is the process of adding photos from “Enchanted Tales With Belle”?

    • Two weeks ago my husband was one of the armours. The photospass photografer took pictures and at the exit ask everybody if they would like to link there photos. We were given one of the paper cards and had to go to the photopass Service Center. There they entered the number on the card into the computer, we could see all of the photoa and select the ones we would like to add to our memory maker. It’s the same procedure at the Jedi Training Academy.

  • We were at the parks back in August and this feature was already in place back then. We had a large group of 16 people linked to our account, and despite multiple rides and combinations of riders, all our photos showed up just fine in our account.

    IMO, this is a great addition to the parks and great use of RFID technology. I’d suspect that the photo counters will be eliminated at some point in the future. Almost nobody uses them anymore as it is, and this auto linking has rendered them further obsolete.

    The Tower of Terror video is pretty great. It would be awesome to see video added to more rides.

  • I had the wrong photos placed on my account. They were the right time stamp so I am guessing that I ended up with the person before or after my car.

    There is a link for lost photos. The next day they were able to find and link my photos. They deleted the wrong photo.

    I am guessing their are slight kinks to work out. I would definitely note the time of major rides.

  • Be careful of the automated selection on Splash Mountain. The first 2 times we rode out of 3 times, the wrong picture appeared on our account. If you really like your picture, I would highly recommend stopping by the photo area on the way out and making sure they add the correct photo.

    • Absolutely, I was told a couple times that it was automatic, wrote the number down anyways and sure enough they never ended up on my account but I was able to get them added later

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