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SATURDAY SIX: Top Six Adult Drinks at Walt Disney World

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This week’s SATURDAY SIX takes a look at the Top Six Adult Drinks at Walt Disney World. Who among us doesn’t enjoy an adult libation from time to time, especially on days when Anna & Elsa still have a 40 minute wait at 3 in the morning? While we at the SATURDAY SIX offices respect those who attempt an Ultimate Touring Plan to see every attraction, show, parade and live performance at a Disney Park, you’re more likely to find us attempting to drink around World Showcase or figuring out the best resort to stay at while attempting a WDW bar tour.

We looked at every bar and lounge across WDW property and came up with the list of best adult drinks. The only venue not eligible is the new Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto, because they will be getting an article devoted entirely to them in the near future (we’re still in the honeymoon phase, and the Nautilus, Shrunken Zombie Head, Rum Flight, Tropical Dark & Stormy, Krakatoa Punch and Polynesian Pearl would fill up the list.)  With that out of the way let’s begin the drink countdown, starting with….

# 6 – Grand Marnier Orange Slush (France Pavilion, Epcot)

Our first stop after crossing the International Gateway at Epcot is Les Vins des Chefs de France kiosk for a Grand Marnier Orange Slush. Similar in taste to an orange sorbet with just the right mix of Grand Marnier and Grey Goose vodka, this slush is absolutely delicious and the perfect drink during a hot touring day at Epcot.

Gran Marnier Slush. (photo by Brandon Glover)

Also be sure to try the Grey Goose Citron lemon slush. (photo by Brandon Glover)

# 5 – Burnt Orange (Todd English’s bluezoo, Dolphin at Walt Disney World)

One of the true best kept secrets at Walt Disney World are the bars and restaurants at the Swan and Dolphin hotels. Todd English’s bluezoo at the Dolphin has hands-down the most creative menu on property, specializing in unique drinks that taste as good as they look. For example: the Burnt Orange. Ingredients: Herradura blanco tequila infused with brûléed orange and muddled with agave nectar, Grand Marnier, and orange juice. The brûléed orange, that is spectacularly lit aflame atop the drink, contains a special sugar created by the restaurant’s pastry chef, which then becomes part of the Burnt Orange’s flavor profile when drinking. 

Burnt Orange at Todd English’s bluezoo. (photo by Brandon Glover)

The Burnt Orange is one drink worth going out of your way to try, but it is just one of the many headliners on the bluezoo bar menu. And if you haven’t been to the Swan or Dolphin, what are you waiting for? Besides bluezoo, Shula’s Steak House and Il Mulino New York Trattoria are among the very best restaurants at Walt Disney World.

Fire and Ice: Frost Bitten Rum Cider and Burnt Orange at bluezoo. (photo by Brandon Glover)

# 4 – La Fin du Monde (Canada Pavilion, Epcot)

La Fin du Monde is a beer for people who enjoy their beer. With a 9% ABV, La Fin du Monde packs a punch, but is light enough and full of flavor so that you are not overwhelmed. It is a Belgian Trappist-style tripel beer, with aeromatic hints of apple and clove. The taste is champagne-like, with flavors of light bananas, pear, cinnamon, and orange peel. While La Fin du Monde is available at several locations on WDW property, there’s only one place for us, the outdoor beer cart at the Canada Pavilion in Epcot. Why? La Fin du Monde is the premier beer from one of Canada’s most famous craft breweries, and is hard to find out draught even outside of Walt Disney World. So what could be better than enjoying one in its native county?  We love to mix it up when Drinking Around The World, as there are so many unique and interesting options across World Showcase, but trust us when we say to order the La Fin du Monde over the LaBatt Blue in Canada each and every time.

La Fin du Monde. (photo by Brandon Glover)
Unibroue beers on draught in Canada at World Showcase. You can not go wrong with any of them, but Trois Pistoles would be our second pick behind La Fin du Monde. (photo by Brandon Glover)

# 3 – Avocado Margarita (La Cava del Tequila, Epcot)

In a park filled with great places to drink, Epcot’s La Cava del Tequila is our runaway favorite. Located inside the Mexico pavilion’s incredible pyramid, La Cava’s dark, intimate, cave-like atmosphere is off the charts. There isn’t much food at La Cava (although of the limited menu, we do highly recommend the chips and guacamole,) but that doesn’t matter because you’re here for the widest selection of margaritas and tequila shots in the theme park universe, not to mention, the best. The Avocado Margarita has become so popular it seems to have formed its own cult following within the Disney community. While technically a frozen margarita, the actual drink is more akin to a smoothie, with a taste that is almost impossible to describe but we promise you’ll be back for more. Also highly recommended: Jalapeño and Blood Orange margaritas along with any of the amazing tequila flights.

Jalapeño Margarita (left) and Avocado Margarita (right). (photo by Stacey Lantz)
Tequila flight at La Cava del Tequila. (photo by Brandon Glover)

# 2 – Sugar Cane Mojito (Dawa Bar, Animal Kingdom)

Regular readers of the SATURDAY SIX know that we love the Animal Kingdom, and one of our favorite parts of the park is the recently expanded Harambe section. The Dawa Bar is our go-to area in Animal Kingdom for drinks, and is conveniently located near two other things we adore in Harambe, Festival of the Lion King, and the live Burudika band. No visit to the Dawa Bar is complete without getting a old classic, a Sugar Cane Mojito. For us it’s also hard to turn down a Safari Amber, a beer brewed exclusively for Walt Disney World.

A Safari Amber draught and a Sugar Cane Mojito at the Dawa Bar.

There is plenty of available seating at the newly refurbished Dawa, and you have to love the unique stools bar the bar.  A wide assortment of African beers and a new selection of Bloody Marys means there is going to be something unique for every adult in your party.  Grab a drink at Dawa, find a seat for Burudika music, and enjoy one of the best experiences you can have on Disney property.

Unique bar seating at Dawa. (photo by Brandon Glover)

# 1 – Lapu Lapu (Tambu Lounge, Disney’s Polynesian Resort)

The iconic Lapu Lapu is possibly the best signature drink in all of Walt Disney World. Served out of an hollowed out pineapple, this legendary drink is a combination of Myers’ Original dark rum and tropical fruit juices while topped with Bacardi 151 rum. This is an E-Ticket drink if there ever was one.lapulapu2_glover

Lapu Lapu. (photo by Brandon Glover)

A look inside the Lapu Lapu pineapple. (photo by Brandon Glover)
The Lapu Lapu can also be served in a glass.

Interested in theme park drinks? Then do we have a eBook for you! The Walt Disney World Bars and Lounges eGuide by Brian McNichols. Over 250 pages and containing well over 400 photos, this eGuide takes you through EVERY bar and lounge on WDW property (trust me, Brian has the kidneys problems to prove it!) Also included? Recipes for some of your favorite WDW drinks. Ratings, descriptions, and photos for each of the 70+ bars and lounges. Talk about the perfect present for anyone on your shopping list (especially those with a drinking problem.)

So there you have it: the Top Six Adult Drinks at Walt Disney World. See you next weekend for the latest installment of the SATURDAY SIX, where we’ll look at something fun from the world of Disney and Universal. If you enjoyed yourself, be sure to check out The Magic, The Memories, and Merch! articles, or, for your listening pleasure, check out the Pardon the Pixie Dust podcast. You can also follow Your Humble Author on Twitter (@derekburgan)

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Special Thanks to crack staff photographer Brandon Glover, Self Described Disney Nerd Stacey Lantz, Disney photography icon Tom Bricker, and Megan Stump for their invaluable assistance with this article. Be sure to also check out Brandon on The Park Blogger podcast with co-hosts Aengus Mackenzie and Brian Carey. 

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  • The Nautilus and/or Uh-Oa! at Trader Sam’s should be on this list. Excellent drinks, and they come with a show.

  • Great article. There is so much to be said for sitting back at all of those locations with a fabulous drink and watching the rest of the world go hurrying by. I would love to see a similar story about the best non-alcoholic drinks in the world. Soda, water and chocolate milk get old sometimes. (Well, maybe not the chocolate milk!) Thanks guys!


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