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Park Plugged in Magic Kingdom – Part 2

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It’s hard to believe but by this time next week “One More Disney Day” will have come and gone. All the speculation as to the wait time for Jungle Cruise at 4:27am will be over. I’ll be recovering in my room at Bay Lake Tower, and the one nightmare that I don’t want to be having cold sweats about is having been alone in the Magic Kingdom without power to my cell phone. This fear is almost as bad as that of losing my High School locker combination (12-14-0, by the way) – it’s so intense that I almost fear the fear itself.

Last week I promised I’d list out places in Magic Kingdom where you can charge your cell phones or other devices. However, I’ve put a lot of thought into this, and I wanted to spend some time covering some ground rules. The reason is this: there are a lot of plugs around the Magic Kingdom that you probably shouldn’t be plugging in to. Before making suggestions for areas that I feel work the best, I want to go over some things you should avoid doing and my thoughts as to why you shouldn’t do them.

Also a quick disclaimer, we at TouringPlans.com are not responsible for your cell phone or other device. For that matter, with one exception that I’ll mention below, neither is Disney. What is presented below is a list of suggestions, but in the end any place you choose to charge your phone is done at your own risk.

And with that, here are some basic ground rules:

  • Do not charge in any queue or attraction. It’s just not a good idea, you’ll be in the way, and you’ll delay the line. Find somewhere else.
  • Do not remove a plastic case that is over a socket. No matter how desperate you are, this is a bad idea. That cover, sometimes locked on, is there for a reason. This is not the same as the door plates that outdoor covers seem to have. This is usually a box that sits over a socket.
  • Do not unplug something that is already plugged in. Seriously, this would be a bad choice. It doesn’t matter if it’s something that no one is using. That item was plugged in by Disney for a reason.
  • Do not move something other than a table or chair, for example: a display case, a video game machine, or an Imagineering decoration.
  • Do not reach behind anything in order to plug in. Just because you can get your arm back there doesn’t mean your arm belongs back there
  • Do not plug in anywhere you see another item already plugged in, even if there is a socket available.
  • Do not plug in to sockets that are inside bushes or behind fences. There is one notable exception to this (see below).
  • If a cast member asks you to unplug your device, please do as you are asked. There are enough places to plug in that it’s not worth an argument or risking being escorted from the park.
  • There are a lot of sockets in walkways, and you should avoid using these. It’s better to stand out of the way than in it. For example, all through the tunnel in Cinderella Castle there are plugs available. These really aren’t good choices since you’ll be in the way.
  • Do not open floor plates. These are closed for a reason, and you shouldn’t try to use these.

Some things you should be aware of:

  • Most devices made for sockets in the United States are rated at 120v. Not all of the plugs you see around the Magic Kingdom are 120v sockets. Some are 240v, especially ones you see tied into lamp posts or on the exterior corners of buildings. Plug into one of these by mistake, and your device will be destroyed.
  • Not all sockets are active. For example, the socket in the rear of the Disney Vacation Club booth next to the Frontierland Shootin’ Arcade is not active.

And now the list of locations:

City Hall
This is actually the recommended charging location by Disney. There are no plugs inside for you to use, but there is a device check-in service. What you do is get a Article Storage ticket that will be tied or taped to your device. Similar to a coat check service at a fancy restaurant, you will be given a portion of the ticket that you must use to reclaim your device. Then with a cord you provide Disney will store and charge your device for you. You are allowed to leave your device as long as you deem necessary.

Just outside the bathrooms to the right of City Hall, when facing the front, you can also find 4 outlets paired on either side of the building.

Rather than list out every restroom on its own, I just thought I’d lump them together. In a men’s restroom there is typically anywhere from 1 to 3 outlets, one of which can often be found underneath a baby changing table. The only problem might be the awkwardness of having to say, “Hey,” to everyone who enters or exits.

Locker Rental at the Park Entrance

There are a half dozen outlets inside to plug in to. While it can be a little crowded in the morning, later on in the day almost no one is in here until people start returning at the end of the day to reclaim their stored property. That means not only can you recharge your device, but you can come hang out and recharge yourself.

Walt Disney World Railroad Main Street U.S.A. Station

Here you can find plugs all over waiting to be used. There are several plugs on the outdoor patio up the station stairs. This is already a favorite spot to stop and relax, so now you can use it to recharge too. While there are plugs inside and along the walkways, those would violate the rules I listed above, so avoid them. In the Station’s lower level there are some plugs along various walls and corridors. Some of these are clearly in the way, and others are not – use your judgment.

Car Barn
As long as it’s not parade time, there are 2 outlets on the front of this building to the left of the entrance that I’ve seen people using from time to time.

Harmony Barber Shop
There are two outlets inside that you can use to charge, however they’re in the corner and you will need to keep an eye on your own phone while inside. As this area tends to be tight and crowded much of the time, I’d avoid this.

Curtain Call Collectibles
This is the new shop immediately on the right as you enter Magic Kingdom. There are sockets inside. This location would not be my first choice for charging.

Tony’s Town Square Restaurant
There are 2 outlets just under the picture of Lady and the Tramp in the waiting area. Otherwise there are 6 outlets in the actual restaurant. None of them are in the outside seat area. The wait staff knows where they are, and you can request to wait for one of the five tables capable of using the plugs.

Main Street U.S.A. Shops
Strangely the Emporium itself is has no plugs that are in plain sight that a guest could use. However, every other shop on Main Street has plugs that are visible and easily reachable. The only other location that does not have good options for charging is the Main Street Cinema. I’m not a fan of hanging out near breakable things for too long, so I’d personally also avoid shops like Crystal Arts.

First Aid & Baby Care Center
Both of these have plugs available for use, however for both locations you need to have a valid reason for being inside. In First Aid if you’re in the waiting area there are a few plugs along both walls. There are also plugs available in the back rooms if you go into a checkup room. Baby care is well equipped in order to support certain nursing devices and other baby care items.

The Plaza Restaurant
Not a great choice. There are only two tables in the restaurant with plugs, and those tables are on either side of the door as you enter. You need to be careful as one socket is right at the base of the door.

The Crystal Palace
While there are a few plugs scattered around this restaurant, it’s not one where you’ll be able to request a table with a plug – so don’t rely on it for that.  However, there is one spot in the restaurant you can reliably charge at, but there’s a good chance it will be in use.  In the alcove where the bathroom entrances are you’ll find a little waiting area with a nice looking comfy chair.  Next to this chair is a socket pair that you can use for charging.

Magic Kingdom Rose Garden
This popular and out of the way location has some nice benches down by the water to rest and relax. It’s also one place that I feel is an exception to the rules above. There is a very convenient and well placed socket here that while inside a fenced area is also easily reachable and very convenient for charging.

Benches Near La Fontaine de Cendrillon
This location is found to the left of the fountain when facing it, and now is the home of the Shield location for the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom attraction. The benches on both sides have plugs conveniently placed. Due to its serene yet in the heart of it location, this is my personal favorite recharging location.

Tomorrowland Terrace
All the plugs for charging are located on the lower eating level closest to the water. They can be found along the walls, near the rails, and on most of the support columns. Due to the dessert party you won’t be able to use this location at night, but during the day it’s a great choice.

Tomorrowland Restrooms
There’s only one outlet pair here, located on the rightmost side of the building near the planter. I’m mentioning it because I almost always see someone using it to charge. It’s certainly not a prime spot.

Space Mountain
Just to the right of the FASTPASS entry, along the blue wall there is an outlet pair that I’ve seen people using to charge in the past. Not a first choice, but it is there.

Tomorrowland Arcade
Without a doubt, this is the holy mecca of charging inside of the Magic Kingdom. Imagine you’re on the moving sidewalk taking you out of Space Mountain when you realize it’s time to charge your phone. As soon as you step into the store, look down and to your left, by the front doors, there’s 4 outlets right there that people use to charge. Be careful not to violate the rules in here no matter how tempting it is – there are plenty of outlets in here that do not violate them.

Several of the columns in the arcade area itself have plugs that are free and clear. A personal favorite spot is over by the Harley-Davidson ride: there are 4 sockets, plus you can it on a comfortable faux motorcycle while charging. You can find 4 more outlets off to the right of the basketball toss, on the wall near a window. It’s sort of out of the way, and has a little ledge that you could place your device on instead of the floor. Very often, half of the arcade store is devoid of displays – usually the very back of the store and the back left corner are completely empty. There are several 4 outlet groupings along the walls that can be used and are out of the way.

Tomorrowland DVC Booth
There’s an outlet pair right underneath one of the displays, I’ve seen this used when cast members are not working in the booth.

Tomorrowland Shops
There are a few plugs to be found in these shops, however they are mostly found near checkout counters and are not the best choices because of possible congestion. I have seen people using the socket located in Auntie Gravity’s and the ones just inside the doors at Merchant of Venus.

Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe
Despite its size, there are only a few plugs to be found in here. Two pairs of them are located inside the restroom hallway. You’d generally be out of the way, but the location isn’t favorable. There are a few more to be found in the rightmost indoor eating area. Finally there are two more that are located on either side of the main dining room with Sonny Eclipse. Several of us used the one on the left side on New Year’s Eve.

Cheshire Cafe
The plug here is actually on the left hand side of the building near the phones and restrooms. It can be a little high traffic here, but I see people charging here often.

Fantasy Faire
Also know as “that shop at the end of PhilharMagic”. There is an outlet pair tucked inside of here. It’s out of the way, and this shop is seldom crowded as you don’t have to go through it to exit the attraction.

Pinocchio Village Haus
There are a few outlets strewn about here, all of which are convenient to at least one table. These sockets are some of the most used by guests in Magic Kingdom. My favorite spot inside has to be the upper balcony. There are only a few tables up there, and one pair of outlets. However, almost no one goes up there, because they don’t realize there’s an up there to go to. It’s nice and secluded.

Columbia Harbour House
In here you will find almost as many outlets as at the Tomorrowland Arcade. They are all over the restaurant – at least one in almost every grouping of tables. Most people who are looking for a secluded spot will head upstairs to the room that sits over the walkway between Fantasyland and Liberty Square. Any place with this much food and this many sockets is sure to attract anyone in need of a charge.

The Yankee Trader
On a wall in the corner near a small window you’ll find a lone pair of sockets. This place can be very high traffic at times, but I’ve still seem folks wedged into that corner charging their phone.

Liberty Tree Tavern
There are 6 outlet pairs that I was able to find in here, roughly one per table grouping. They’re only convenient to about 8 tables. Considering this is a sit down restaurant, you can’t pick your table here, being able to charge here isn’t a sure thing.

Frontierland Shootin’ Arcade
In the actual arcade, there’s one socket pair next to the leftmost rifle. There are also a few more sets where the Fox location for Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom is located (to the left of the arcade).

Frontierland Shops
There are some sockets to be found in these stores, and I have seen people using them in the past. However, I don’t consider any of them to be truly convenient.

Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe
Though nowhere near as many as Columbia Harbour House, there are plenty of plugs in here. Their placement is sometimes not convenient, or in a highly trafficked area that isn’t near a table. The absolute best location is the room at the furthest corner of the restaurant just near the side entrance. This room is very easy to spot as it’s dedicated to Pecos Bill’s horse Widow-Maker, it has the highest concentration of sockets in the restaurant, and it’s often overlooked so it’s often empty.

Splash Mountain
Not the ride itself, but there’s one socket pair in this area I see getting a lot of use. Near the bathrooms, and right next to one of the newer character meet and greet locations there are some telephones. If you look down you’ll see the sockets. There’s no seating here, but the people charging here are often seen sitting on the floorboards.

Walt Disney World Railroad Frontierland Station
There are two pairs of outlets to be found here, one inside and one outside. Neither is terribly convenient for use, but I’ve still seen people using them.

Tortuga Tavern
There are some bar stools found at the furthest point from the order counter in this restaurant. Here this is a socket pair that I’ve used a few times myself in the past. The area is secluded, has chairs, and a counter. The other spot in here where plugs can be found is the room where the toppings bar is located when the restaurant is opened. This room is also the Shuriken location for Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom.

Pirates of the Caribbean
The shop at the end of this attraction has a few plugs that aren’t in the most convenient spot. However, if you head from the shop, through the hallway where the restrooms are located and outside, on the side of the building you will find a socket pair. I’ve seen people charging here often.

There are plugs to be found in a few locations around Adventureland. Some of them are interesting to look at, because while not convenient, they are painted to look like brick walls on which they can be found, grout and all. Once again Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom comes through at the Fire location – there is a very convenient plug just to the right of the location. There are also a few plugs to be found by the restrooms, one of which is often used because it’s tucked in the corner yet still inside the bathroom hallway.

Aloha Isle
After you’ve grabbed your Dole Whip you can head to the left of the counter to find a gazebo-like seating area. Inside there are a two pairs of plugs that you can use.

And that’s it. Like I said there are plenty of sockets that I didn’t mention, especially those found in bushes. My feeling was that if it’s a socket I wouldn’t consider using, then there’s no need to mention it. When asked about charging, most cast members will direct you to City Hall. However, many cast members will be willing to help direct you to sockets in their immediate area as well. If you’re concerned about the quality of the power, I can only recommend bringing some sort of surge protection with you. And if you’re traveling in a group consider bringing along a power strip.

What about you? Which are your favorite locations? What about one that I missed? One elsewhere in Walt Disney World? When in a park, how often do you find you need to plug in? Are you looking forward to “One More Disney Day”? May a charge be with your phone…always.


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41 thoughts on “Park Plugged in Magic Kingdom – Part 2

  • There is a great little “rest area” right near Its a Small World. Its under Rapunzel’s tower its got some trees that are growing and Bathrooms .. its actually designated as a “charging” center INSIDE THE SMALL FAKE TREE STUMPS are 4 outlets in each one!!! along with tables and benches next to them!!! .. but make sure if you have the sideways chargers that they are the small ones its a very tight fit!!!

  • I saw a blog the other day showing places in the new Fantasyland to charge your phone too.

  • We went for the 24 hours Monstrous Summer kickoff. It was nice knowing Guest Services was available to charge our phones. We got to take as many videos and pictures as we wanted and had no worries that our phones would die and we wouldn’t be able to charge them. Very easy process, we stopped in with our phones and chargers, got a ticket saying which outlet we were plugged into and went back out to the park for an hour or so. Stopped back in, got our phones, put our chargers back in the locker and continued our Disney adventure 🙂

  • As a former merchandise cast member, I can tell you that most shops have a rule that you CANNOT charge in them. It could be a safety issue. And it’s possible that anywhere in MK a cast member will tell you not to charge somewhere. NONE of these locations are guaranteed.

  • My cell phone is my camera, lifeline in case of emergency,etc (as I’m sure it is for a majority of the world). I didn’t want to fight someone for an available outlet. I purchased a back-up cell battery for $15 online. Made sure both batteries were charged the night before. I had no worries. But,it’s good to know Disney provides accomodations! Love that magical place!

  • Futureworld has a pletora of charging spots available. both of the innoventions (old communicore buildings are great for this.) My favorite charging spot in HS this past week was upstairs at Pizza Planet. Almost any of the tables along the brick wall upstairs had outlets around them.

  • HI… This list is so helpful!
    Are you by chance making lists for DHS, AK & Epcot?

    • I’m probably going to tackle Epcot next and break it into two posts (Future World & World Showcase)

  • Great work Todd. There are considerably more options than I would have ever guessed! Without paying too much attention to it in the past, I think the only place I’ve noticed people charging is in the shop after Space Mountain. But as with Linda above, I’m a big fan of my NewTrent (I have the IMP1000), so I shouldn’t have a problem being completely mobile. The City Hall dropoff was most interesting, I had no idea that Disney would carry customer service to such an extent 🙂

    • Cheryl and I have been talking about picking up a New Trent as an alternative. Since posting the article we actually lost the oldest Zagg… it’s wall socket prong broke sadly. So now we’re down to two again. Though HyperJuice is still tempting – I had two people this past weekend walk up and tell me they ordered them.

  • Todd,

    This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so very much. I’m going alone on Wednesday and don’t want to miss out on anything waiting for a charge. I had heard of a device check before but couldn’t place where it was. For me that would be the best option during the one more Disney day. Do you know if they limit the number of devices or visits? Now if only you had a way to add more memory to my phone…..

    • The two people I spoke with when researching said multiple devices were okay. They also said you could leave items with them as much or as little as you like.

  • Love the blog, but the simplest solution to the power drain is to carry a portable device charger. I regularly haul an external battery, specifically this one- http://www.amazon.com/New-Trent-IMP500-External-Blackberry/dp/B0013G8PTS – while in the parks. Since I work all the time (even in the parks) it keeps in Droid2 charged all day long. Its similar in size to my phone, is relatively inexpensive, and there’s no need to meet new friends in the restrooms while looking for an outlet. I often have to hold the phone and the power pack to keep the cords tight, but if I’m in a show or on a longer ride its pretty easy.

    Portable battery chargers can save your vacation.

  • I’m going to put this in a doc with the packing list and other WDW essentials. Thanks for the research. Will there be a blog on all the parks plug spots?

    • So far you’re the second person to ask here, so it’ll likely happen at some point 🙂

  • Just a note – if you’re park hopping or need a plug in Epcot then the old Communicore West building is a great area. It’s the southwest portion of the central buildings behind Club Cool, Character Spot, and Fountain View. It’s comfy, indoors, quiet, large, and full of plugs.

    During extended hours and around the holidays it also sort of becomes a mini-campground, otherwise known as a “flophouse” to the CMs. Most anywhere that flophouses appear during peak periods is where you can usually find an unused plug.

    • And also a flophouse during rain.

      There are a few sockets in the hallway where the bathrooms are that I prefer.

  • I agree that this is very useful content. Thanks, Todd!

    One thing I can add is that the availability of some of these outlets is seasonal. There’s a sort of “foyer” at the Baby Care Center near the entrance, and this area has comfy seating and power outlets. However, when I visited in December, the power outlets were all used to power holiday lights and decorations in the room. This was not the case earlier in the year. And it would not surprise me if some of the other outlets on your list get appropriated for various purposes at other times.

    • Thanks Dave! This is exactly why I had the “Do not unplug something that is already plugged in” rule. It’s hard to tell which ones are going to be in use for by Disney and when – this rule seemed to cover that nicely.

      There were similarly some other reasons not to be using First Aid that were mentioned to me by the RN I spoke with. She was quite funny about it. We had a nice conversation because we’re both from NY originally.

  • Wow! What an extensive list anyone can find and remember a favorite recharging spot.

    • Thanks, yeah… I wanted to get as much covered as possible. When I started the research I wasn’t sure what sort of parameters to place on it. After I while I realized some were needed, I didn’t want to be responsible for people climbing under bushes to charge only to have their phones start to smoke on them.

  • Excellent, Todd! Thank you! Are you planning on covering the other parks? How about adding all the good charging locations to the Lines app?

    • I’ll make sure that the Lines folks know about this request, but I’m sure it’s not the first time they’ve seen it.

      If there’s enough interest, I’m sure you’ll see other parks covered. I’ll make sure to bring it up.

      • Thanks, Todd!

  • THANK YOU! I’m printing out a copy of this to bring with me next week. Not so worried about recharging my cameras (I have 2 extra batters for my video camera and 3 extras for my P&S), but I know there’s no way my iPhone would last through all of Leap Day.

  • Here’s another thought – leave the phone back in your room and enjoy your park visit without distractions!

    • well said, teresa!! we carry our phones but only for when we split up and need to find each other again. i know you can make prearranged plans, but sometimes that doesn’t work with differing wait times for rides. i have brought my android phone with me over 4 days in the parks and only needed to charge it half way through. i keep it turned off and turn off all my notifications and only turn it on when needed (checking in with the rest of the group or checking the Lines app). there is so much more to do in the parks, we unplug as much as possible and never miss our phones.

      • Excellent Lines plug Dawn!

        There is plenty that needs doing in the parks I agree.

    • I’m not against people doing this at all. I will state that this choice is not for me. Though I do tend to remain offline on a Saturday for Shabbat in general.

    • Teresa – Some people use their phones for both still photos and video, myself included.

      Thanks for this article. I have places I charge at each park, and you added some convenient ones for me.

    • Take the phone cause it has a camera. Easier and faster to use than a regular camera and you can text and post pictures to family and friends right then without waiting. And it’s good to have one in case of an emergency as well and getting separated.

  • Is there not anywhere at Crystal Palace?

    • Oh, you’re right… totally missed Crystal Palace.

      There are a few plugs about.

      But the most commonly used one is inside the waiting area by the restrooms. There’s a comfy chair right next to the single socket pairing. I’ll edit the above to reflect this shortly.


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