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SATURDAY SIX Presents: Tips for playing Universal’s MINION BLAST – A Comprehensive Guide to Getting a High Score

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This week’s SATURDAY SIX is guest hosted by blogger in the sky, Bioreconstruct. For years now we’ve all seen how Bio is a sharpshooter with a camera. For example, catching the first sightings of roller coaster testing in Epic Universe (including most recently, two cars hidden in a tunnel in How To Train Your Dragon land.) Who knew that the Hawkeye of theme park photography was also a sharpshooter, literally, at Universal’s newest attraction Villain-Con Minion Blast?

DID YOU KNOW? Bio recently became:

  • #1 in All Time accumulated scores in Minion Blast
  • First guest to reach 90 million points
  • First guest to reach 100 million points

This article is organized in the following sections:

  • How to Play Well – the most important tips for new players are here. If you need to put the article down and head to the parks after reading this section, you’ll have most of what you need and we forgive you.
  • Queue Quirks – Fun things to notice in the Villain-Con queue while on your way to play Minion Blast.
  • Bugs Seen and Solved – this section is here for two reasons. One is to help you avoid these rare events. The other is in case you’ve already encountered one, so that you know that you’re not alone.
  • Perks – Extra gameplay elements. If you’re a first-time player, look like an expert to your Minion Blast buddies.
  • Scene by Scene Analysis – For the expert player who has already played a few rounds, the ultimate cheat sheet.
  • Bacini Joins the Vicious 6 – A heartwarming tale for old and new fans of the SATURDAY SIX.

Throughout the course of our countdown, Bio shares some comedy about his Minion Blast adventure, along with offering tips for earning higher scores in the game. So without further ado, take it away Bio!

The story of Minion Blast is players earning a spot in an evil group called the Vicious 6. The above photo features the members of this evil organization along with a caricature of Derek’s dog, Bacini. Caricature art by Brian Cooper, with additional characters © Illumination and Universal Orlando. Why is Bacini there, instead of Bio? This is a story told at end of this article.

Note: Screenshots in this article contain characters and scenes that are © Illumination and Universal Orlando.

# 6 – How To Play Well

The best advice I can give for Minion Blast is simple: shoot the E-Liminator X blaster everywhere and cause as much damage as you can in the scenes throughout the attraction!

⚡The screenshot below is from the Universal app. Each E-Liminator X blaster has two triggers. They are officially called:
1) Elemental trigger. It’s called the rear trigger in this article. Location of a normal trigger.
2) Launcher trigger. It’s called the front trigger in this article.

Rapid fire the rear trigger constantly, because you may stray hit a moving target. The rear trigger never runs out of ammunition. When you catch a fast-moving target by accident there will be an unexpected ding sound coming from the blaster. It’s terrific to hear that unexpected ding because it means extra points!

Use the front trigger with strategy. The most ammunition it has to start the game is 9 shots. It raises to 13 shots when a particular Perk is unlocked (Perks will be discussed later in this article.) There are frequent ways in the game itself to reload the front trigger, but keep in mind there are also other players targeting those reloads!

Collectibles are the most valuable targets. Each hit adds 25,000 points. If you’re rapid-firing the rear trigger constantly you might collect the same collectible twice!

In my experience, Minion Blast allows several players to capture the same collectible. It might be that the first player’s strike triggers a short timeout for the collectible to disappear. Other players can then collect until the timeout, when the collectible disappears off the screen. The scene-by-scene description later  in this article will point out locations where some collectibles are almost always found, or very likely are to be available. Many of the collectibles appear at random, and you’ll only find them with luck over time. Despite the many games I have played, I still haven’t collected two collectibles!

⚡There’s nothing wrong with just aiming at everything on the screen and quickly targeting the collectibles when they are revealed.

Minion Blast also has coins appear on the screen (gold, silver, and bronze.) These coins are valuable, but not as valuable as collectibles. When there’s a choice between coin and collectible, shoot the collectible.

Collect coins if they don’t distract from something more valuable. Prioritize gold and silver coins. Coins should not be a primary target. If you’re rapid-firing the rear trigger you’re likely picking up coins as you reposition between primary targets.

⚡Look for gold boxes. Gold boxes refill the front trigger, and will also change the weapon blast. Gold boxes appear or descend into a scene when a member of the Vicious 6 has sustained significant damage from guests.

Seen here is the gold box in Belle Bottom’s scene.

Gold boxes can be hit by many guests, though gold boxes do have a timeout and eventually disappear. There’s a sound effect when you hit a gold box, announcing the new weapon blast for your E-Liminator X. The new weapon blast will be based on the villain’s own weapon. For Belle Bottom, it’s laser firing disco balls. Strike the villain with their own weapons, and it’s said you damage them more than with other type of blast. More damage = more points!

⚡Keep an eye out for reload boxes. There are no points awarded for striking them, but they reload your front trigger from 9 to 13 shots, depending on your Perks.

⚡Elemental boxes (power up boxes) also have no points. They only change your rear trigger weapon blast. Animation is different when you strike something, and the sound effect is different too. Some Minions will freeze, or shake from electrical shock, depending on rear trigger weapon blast. It seems like points scored or number of shots to cause damage is same for all of the rear trigger weapon blasts.

⚡There is also the Ultimate Blast. It fires about a dozen shots of a default or selected special weapon for this category. It’s configurable in the app as a Perk. It’s triggered when certain point levels are reached in a game.

There is a Minion Blast app, but it is not necessary to use the app to enjoy the attraction, it just enhances your experience. If you’re certain that you’ll doing the attraction multiple times, then be sure to use the app and set up a player name in advance. The app is really a game section within the Universal Orlando Resort app. There’s currently a card at the bottom of the UOR app to slide, open, and then within that is a Play button to begin the player registration process. The blasters sync to your phone using near-field communication (NFC) technology. Guests can track their scores, unlock achievements, and customize their game experience.

On the Universal Orlando app’s home screen go to the Connected Gameplay icon for Villain-Con. This will take you to the Universal Play app splash screen, accept the terms and conditions and select “Play” under Villain-Con.

Sync works by holding your mobile device to the back of the Blaster. Location of the sensor on mobile devices varies. Some have it at top of the device. Some have it in the center of the device. Keep the screen facing you because there can be messages. You might see a notification on the mobile device that an empty tag was received. Watch the Blaster’s display and confirm it synced to your player name.

If you have trouble syncing the app to your E-Liminator X blaster, step to the side and work it out before you enter the actual game. Seems like the most common problem is getting the mobile device positioned properly for the sync. There are Team Members nearby if you have any questions or trouble with the sync.

An unfortunately blurry look from the Blaster distribution room to the boarding switchbacks room.

Do not pass through this opening until your E-Liminator X blaster is synced to your player name from the app. Once past this opening, the Blaster is registering with the game. You should hear and feel it register your player name, then just before the moving path the Blaster changes to a score display.

E-Liminator X synced.

Make sure that your player name is still synced in the Blaster display while taking those last steps in the queue. Blasters will sometimes discard the player name! If your Blaster goes back to the standard V6 logo, return or stay in the Blaster distribution room and re-sync! I have never had a problem once in the boarding switchback room. Lost my player name only with a delay in going through the door into the actual game, as if the Blaster is timing out the player name.

⚡One more piece of advice is that service dogs are welcome at Minion Blast! Only Universal can state the policy, and it might change. What I’ve seen is that a Team Member will escort you to the E-Liminator X blaster distribution room. There’s a guest exchange door (child swap door), and your companion can then wait for you in a kennel at the attraction exit. You then return through the guest exchange door and enjoy the attraction. Rejoin your companion at the end of the attraction.

# 5 – Queue Quirks!

⚡Look quickly in the history of Villain-Con segment to spot young Gru, his mom, and even Dr. Nefario! The booth has convention signage, just like what you’ll see further in the queue upon entering the convention floor.

Also seen is The Nelson family in a car arriving at Villain-Con. Car has 1) Momma, 2) Binky, and 3) Dad. These are characters that made their debut in the Despicable Me universe via a mini-movie that was included with the release of the first Minions film in 2015.


Later in the queue the Nelson family returns! Also, in the background is also the convention floor display that you’ll see on entering Villain-Con. Including the same video loop.

For reference, the photo below shows the convention room display when enterting Villain-Con Minion, exactly the same as the area which the Nelson family visits in the animated queue video.

The chains in this queue video are different than how they are strung in the actual room of the attraction.

Chains go 1, 2, 3, for example. That is, guests go back and forth in switchbacks before making a left turn to the Minion Blast moving path. In the video guests go up and down the switchbacks. Perhaps it looks better on camera.

Queue video points out an elemental box (power-up box).

The actual power box as seen in the game.

# 4 – Bugs Seen and Solved

Minion Blast is usually very reliable. However, the attraction does have some bugs. Keep in mind that any of these bugs might be fixed by the time you read this article!

⚡ Zero score games and discarded games happen. They affect everyone. My count of lost games is 17.

At first if you were mid-game and the park closed, your score was discarded! You would see your score on the Blaster and the screen when you exit. However, no points recorded in the app at all. This has been fixed. Just reporting it was a bummer to finish a game at 7:01 pm and not have a score.

⚡ Sometimes Blasters have problems on the very first shot. There is nothing you can do but go through the ride. You can’t go back and exchange the blaster.

⚡ One time my Blaster on the first shots fired was making the sputtering sound normally heard before reaching the moving path. I had checked, like always, the Blaster was synced and registered.

⚡ One time the Blaster made a quick alarm sound and then didn’t accumulate any points.

One time my Blaster wasn’t making any sounds at all. Said it had no network, and then rejoined about halfway through. As if it was rebooting mid-game.
Seen here is a very bad situation when no one could use the app in the late afternoon. This display was seen in the Blaster distribution room.

⚡ I noticed on a recent end-of-day that no one was able to use the app for the entire day. The only scores recorded were V6 medallions, as seen in this screenshot below.

⚡ Two of the trophies seem to never be awarded in play.

One non-awarded trophy is causing  the villain Stronghold to spin. He spins routinely when hit.
Another non-awarded trophy is hitting the bubbles at sides of Belle Bottom’s scene.

⚡ Sometimes the screens in scenes go dark! It seems like these technical problems are fixed quickly, and sometimes the attraction has a temporary closure.

⚡ A perplexing bug is in the app where the list of highest scores of players over the current month is shown instead the score of the last game played per player.

⚡ When Minion Blast stops momentarily it’s usually due to a load or unload issue. Guests sometimes need extra time. There can also be a backup at the exit at the E-Liminator X blaster return bin and the moving path is stopped for safety.

Here’s a couple examples of the attraction stopping due to guest behavior: one time I saw a guest boarding with a beverage in one hand, Blaster in another, and the guest was stopped at the moving path entry. (Guest had been advised earlier in the queue that the beverage would not be permitted.) Another guest in the group had already boarded the walkway, saw the situation, and walked back on the path to assist. A Team Member immediately saw the walking on the moving path and stopped the path.

Another time I saw a family with a child that was anxious about the attraction. They decided to split the group. Grandparents would go on the attraction first, likely assuring the child that attraction was okay to ride, then meet the child and parent in the child swap room. The grandparents get on the moving path and immediately start walking straight through! They were likely at the park to spend time with their grandchild. The goal for them was to get right back to the mom and child as soon as possible. Seconds after grandparents began walking the moving path was stopped.

Generally, a Team Member will request on the attraction speakers that guests remain standing. The few of us at the first room kept on shooting at targets during this stoppage, racking up points. Once the grandparents got off the attraction, moving path resumed travel and game continued on. This leads to one of the best tips when it comes to scoring a lot of points…

PRO TIP: The moving path stops sometimes. Keep playing if ride stops. It’s how most of the highest daily scores happen.

# 3 – Perks

There are many ways to customize your E-Liminator X blaster. These options are available in The Lab, selected from the top level of the Minion Blast app.

Some of the perks modify the Ultimate Blaster. A quick look first at two of the Ultimate Blasts.

⚡The Piranha-sicle blast is steady stream of frozen Piranha flying through the air. This very well might be the funniest of the weapon blasts in the entire game. Unfortunately, the Piranha ice cubes just sort of sit on their targets and don’t seem to cause much damage.

⚡Lava bombs are one of the most visually destructive of the weapon blasts and they seem to damage almost everything.

⚡ Here are my personal favorite Perks:

More front trigger ammunition. This might be the most valuable perk to earn in Minion Blast. Instead of the standard 9 shots of ammunition, the front trigger will have 13 shots available. The front trigger can hold no more than 13, no matter how many reload boxes or gold boxes you strike in quick succession.


More blasts from the Ultimate weapon. Ultimate fires from the front trigger, when you reach certain point thresholds. Ultimate is a series of quickly firing themed blasts. It’s fantastic to be able to pile on an extra 3 blasts.

More frequent Ultimate blasts. Able to rapid fire more often in a game.

Front trigger blasts are more powerful. Or at least look that way.

⚡You can also select your standard launcher. It will fire until you capture a villain’s gold box weapon. Your selected launcher returns when you run out of the last of the captured gold box weapon.

In the app, you can set your launcher to be a villain weapon’s blast when obtained from their gold box.

The Svengence weapon is one of the oddest. The spiky bombs stick to almost everything. You’ll see them often sticking on Belle Bottom’s clear bouncing bubble. However, the spiky bombs have a delay and sometimes the item on screen that they land on will disappear before the explosion. It’s unclear if you capture points for that disappeared target.

# 2 – Strategies of Play

Let’s go through a scene by scene analysis of Minion Blast.

If you’re using the app, and you’ve synced before entering the switchbacks, take one more look while in the switchbacks your Blaster’s screen and assure your player name is still registered. You’ll notice above your player name is a small graphic. In the picture below, the graphic is of an orange globe with a pair of eyes on it. Other examples are the same globe except the color is green, or blue.

Instead of a globe, you may see a giant letter V displayed in various colors as well.

Whether you are using the Minion Blast app or not, memorize the graphic on the screen with your player name. This is the aiming graphic you’ll see on the screens in Minion Blast as the spot where you’re aiming. There’s a variety of combinations of colors and graphics, and generally your combination will be unique during the game. It gets very confusing if you see the same combination is firing at the same places you are! When that occurs, it means another Blaster nearby has the same aiming graphic.

⚡First room.

The first room gives guests a chance to target practice and develop hand-eye coordination for their weapon and their aiming graphic. It’s also an opportunity to score a lot of points quickly because of the number of collectibles usually seen.

Arrow at a collectible that will be seen often in this room. Vicious 6 action figures. It’s probably the easiest collectible to hit, and each hit is 25,000 points. Shoot at this collectible often to accumulate a large number of points.

A look at the first scene when the moving path was more crowded. Arrows at two collectibles.

The back walls in this room also have targets that reveal surprises when opened.


After the first room, Minion Room now passes through scenes featuring each member of the Vicious 6. Our first villain scene is Stronghold.

Once in Stronghold’s room, to the left are two paintings. These are physical props with screens on them to appear as paintings. Strike each with 3 or so rear trigger blasts to reveal a collectible. Rapid fire and you may collect it twice! Rapid fire even if another guest has opened the painting, and you might still collect the collectible behind it as well.

“Paintings” in Stronghold’s room.

It’s not advised to try to target this painting in your first time playing Minion Blast. However, with skill that comes with repeat rides it’s an easy score. 3 or 4 rear trigger blasts and you should collect the collectible behind it. In my experience, there’s about a 1 in 4 chance another guest has already targeted it before you.

Every bit of art Stronghold’s scene can be destroyed with blasts! 1 & 2) You can bring these two items down with rear trigger blasts, but I recommend using one shot of the front trigger and then gather up collectibles that might fall to the floor. 3) Stronghold’s gold box will drop into this location, where a reload box is in flight at the moment. This room is feast and famine with reloading the front trigger. Seen here are oodles of reloads. Sometimes there are none! As soon as Stronghold’s gold box appears, blast there and use his weapon on his bulldozer. 4) Minions are fair game to blast in all scenes! Sometimes they react. Sometimes they are swept away by the blast. There’s a trophy to earn if you go through the game and don’t blast a Minion. (I have never been awarded the trophy.) 5) As you enter there’s a thin view of paintings to fire at, at left of this column.


This is a very short scene in Minion Blast, but usually has collectibles that are easy to obtain, which are seen here. The Minions fly in and will either be still, or swing back and forth. They exit with big smiles if they are not hit. Also seen below is an Ultimate Blast of lava bombs.

Keep an eye out for rapidly moving collectibles on the  ground plane at the bottom of the screen. Also, there are moving musical notes and sometimes gold and silver coins. But remember, collectibles are worth far more than coins! My recommendation is to alternate between front triggers on Nun-Chuck for the gold box, and rapid fire the rear trigger constantly. Especially when aiming or moving toward collectibles. The gold box here has flying sticks of dynamite for the front trigger weapon blast. Dynamite is a pretty good weapon for damage.

Keep firing until passing through the doorway into to the next scene.

⚡Jean Clawed

The advice to defeat this villian is easy! Aim for the legs. It will take multiple front trigger shots to bring Jean Clawed’s craft down, but it’s said that damaging the villains is very valuable. His craft sinks into the gravel with each blast to the legs. After substantial damage he’ll scramble around to leave and re-enter. When he re-enters, destroy his craft again! On the moving path you can destroy the craft at least twice, sometimes three times.

Gold box here descends on both sets of 3 screens. Weapon is a sonic blast. It’s powerful. Reload on it each time it appears. Also seen in the image below: 1) A collectible that is always behind the right of two castle (ahem) turrets. 2,3  & 4) Hidden targets to fire at. If there’s a bunch of coins resulting on the ground they can be mostly collected with a single front trigger blast. It’s very easy to reload in this room so consider getting these coins.

The other set of 3 screens has a sunken ship as target. Almost always has a crown that falls out from the damage … collect it!

Above the sunken ship is a shark in a cage. It takes about 3 front trigger blasts to open, and the shark is hard to hit afterward. My viewpoint is I would rather use those blasts on Jean Clawed.

Keep an eye out for red fish. Rear trigger on them. They seem to be valuable, but I don’t know the points. Minions tend to swim frantically when blasted.

There’s also pipes with collectibles in this scene. These are physical props in the room with screens on them. One of the pipes is at path level, and there are also a few up in the ceiling, so keep your head on a swivel in this room! Sometimes non-collectibles are seen, like Minions. These targets are easy to hit with rear trigger when the target is holding still. If flowing bubbles are seen, use the front trigger and your launcher weapon generally hits a collectible due to explosion travelling through the pipe.

Keeping firing back into the scene, especially to target Jean Clawed, until the doorway to the next scene.


This probably isn’t something to do for first timers, but with skills that come with repeat games it’s a good idea to rapid fire the rear trigger on these two overhead screens. The displays alternate between Svengence and his name. Rear trigger works for both kinds, both sides. Collectibles will be revealed, both sides. Rapid fire them. They disappear for a moment and then are available again. Collect them again!

Similar screens are on both sides of this room. It takes some skill to figure out how to aim for the skaters, because of the delay of the weapon reaching the aim point. This particular area is a jump, and you may miss the skaters if you aim past this point in the ramp.

Front trigger for the biggest damages. There are moments where there are no skaters. There tends to be blimps and scoreboards to strike with the rear trigger. Blimps burst into flames with a rear trigger hit. Doesn’t hurt to rapid fire the rear trigger here continually, but this scene is sparse with targets to hit accidentally.

There tend to be collectibles in the foreground. Gold box here has Spiky Bomb. It’s an odd weapon, with a delay in exploding. The gold box appears, so Svengence has been damaged. It’s unclear how, where, or which since his image is in many places. Most likely it’s a train-type of skating car, and this car doesn’t react much to launcher hits. This gold box is infrequently seen.

Turn backwards and keep firing until the doorway of the next scene.

⚡Belle Bottom

There are usually a lot of explosions in the Belle Bottom scene. The gold box is frequently seen, which means Belle has been damaged. How is unclear because she floats around impervious to flames and destruction.

Gold box has a laser ball. It’s powerful. This scene has a lot to aim at. Minions dance in foreground. There are bubbles to aim at, flying vinyl records and CDs, flying lights.

Keep a look out for collectibles. They are seen at floor level and very random. Recommendation is to alternate between firing at Belle, especially with her own weapon, and targeting everything you can. It’s a very busy scene, much to strike.

Keep firing backwards until the doorway of the next scene. It’s very easy to strike bubbles through the set elements, as seen here.

Be sure to have front trigger fully reloaded when leaving the Belle Bottom scene. It’s hard to reload in the Universal Orlando Resort scene that follows and that scene has a lot that needs the stronger front trigger weapons.

⚡Universal Orlando Resort

The overall story of the Villain-Con Minion Blast is that the evil convention is taking place at the Universal Orlando Resort. So our next scene features landmarks of the resort including Krakatau at Volcano Bay, Islands of Adventure’s lighthouse, Universal Studios Florida’s arch and even Toothsome Chocolate Emporium! All of the building signs are targets in the game, so aim for things like the IOA logo or the Toothsome logo. Be warned! There are four villains in random order flying around and they are frequently in the way of signs and collectibles.

Perhaps EPIC Universe will be added as an update in the future. Imagine if the manor tower of Dark Universe was in this skyline now. It would blow people’s minds!

Sometimes a collectible appears in the steam of Toothsome, at the arrow below. Collect it! The reload boxes on conveyor here can also be blasted. They are tricky, however. Not as easy to strike as reloads elsewhere in the game.

Three of the four villains in this scene have targets above them to blast, such as Vector seen in the photo below.

Arrow pointing to collectible seen in smoke of Toothsome.

Only the V in Universal Globe logo reacts to blasts, revealing a Moon to collect. Notice also that two signs have been destroyed – the IOA logo on the lighthouse and the USF logo on the arch – and their collectibles blasted, at right.

Balthazar Bratt’s giant has face panels to bast, including nose. Look close when the face is gone and the character is seen within. Remember to turn backwards and keep firing, mostly blind, until the blaster makes an announcing sound that your game is complete.

⚡Closing scene

The closing scene varies between the newscaster and the Vicious 6. If the timing is good you’ll see the newscaster slip in at right to be a member of the Vicious 6, but then Stronghold pushes the newscaster out of frame.

You can shoot the Blaster at screen here. Confetti results! Also seen above is the score for the first All-Time score to go over 100 million. 1,134,415

# 1 – Bacini Joins the Vicious 6 and Bacini 100

I’ve been writing all this time as bioreconstruct in the game, but really, I’ve been “friends” with Bacini. Friends, like some Team Members in the parks will say they are friends with a character they portray “on stage.” It’s actually Bacini who’s been playing the game. I’m just friends with Bacini.

Bacini checking into the Hard Rock Hotel.

It’s a comedic story …

Villain-Con Minion Blast opened in August. I noticed that the player name bioreconstruct had already been taken by someone else. (DEREK NOTE: Someone squatted on the Bio name in Minion Blast? “The impudence! The audacity! The Unmitigated gall!!!“)

I Immediately thought I ought to immediately protect Bacini’s name. Bacini – the official dog of DisTwitter – and Derek’s best buddy in the David & Derek series of articles. I signed up in the Minion Blast app as Bacini and planned to coordinate with Derek. I would change my player name and Derek could then immediately sign up as Bacini. Transferring Bacini from my player account to Derek’s player account.

That was the original plan. However, after playing my first game, it was very entertaining to see Bacini’s name in the top 30 scoreboard  that guest’s see at the end of the attraction.

Bacini’s first recorded score, with four numeral eights in the score. Eight (and four!) are considered a lucky number in some cultures.

Bacini kept playing the game, and I kept Derek up to date on the progress. Soon there were enough accumulated points to see Bacini rise in the top 100 All Time. I started wondering just how far Bacini was going to go up the list…

Bacini’s place on Sept 10th, 2023.

I started to analyze the big numbers in the top ten of All Time scores. Realized quickly it would take a lot of game play for Bacini to be in the top 3.  A whole  lot! I doubted it could ever happen, but Derek replied, “as Walt Disney once said, if you believe it, you can do it!

Top 5 All-Time scores as of Sept 20.

Bacini played steadily. Here’s a look at him reaching the #10, #5, and #3 in all time scores. (Click image below to enlarge and see details.)

(Note: The IAM BATMAN changes player name frequently. Name hasn’t been IAM BATMAN in weeks. In the next photo there is a name change to 100%.)

Bacini continued to play Minion Blast, finishing one day just 12,860 points from the #2 score at the time. A collectible in the game is 25,000 points. Bacini was just one collectible from second place in the All-Time list.

Bacini became #2 with the next game played…and continued to play!

And then it happened on October 8th. It was hard to believe. Bacini earned the #1 All Time score! It felt fantastic. A true “Mission Accomplished” moment.

According to the story in the attraction, if you score higher than all others then you become the newest member of the Vicious 6. Bacini is now a member of the Vicious 6! It was very entertaining that Derek’s happy little dog had become a super villain. Derek wrote that he should have known Bacini was a villain, based on Bacini as a puppy faking a limp to get treats.

Also entertaining is that Derek can now write in articles: Bacini the official dog of DisTwitter, and member of the Vicious 6.

Bacini joins the Vicious 6. (Bacini artwork by Brian Cooper)

Earning the #1 in All Time scores is a short-lived achievement. Eventually someone else always rises to the top. However, the first to reach 100 million points in the game is a much more memorable achievement. It’s also a minor joke that it would be Bacini 100. A play on the current celebration at WDW, Disney 100.

So Bacini continued to play! A steady climb, game by game. First to reach 90 million points, and in the end, reaching 100 million points. Bacini 100 had been achieved!

Bacini 100 happened on Friday October 13. Amusing that it was earned on the unlucky day. Remember earlier in this article when Bacini’s first score was fully of 8’s, a lucky number.

Honorable Mention: Vicious 6 Medallions

⚡There’s also Vicious 6 medallions to collect. The V6 medallion below is seen when exiting the attraction, to the right.

V6 Medallion tag.

V6 medallions do not add to a game score, but they do accumulate in your All Time score. There are 2 medallions hidden in Villain-Con’s queue at the vendor’s booths. Easily overlooked is the medallion on the side of the Crocodile tank. Each gift shop in Minion Land has a medallion. Also look near corners of the buildings of the land. Medallions redeem only once, and 25,000 points each. You can collect an item repeatedly, but there’s no additional points.

So there you have it: The SATURDAY SIX Presents: Tips for Universal’s MINION BLAST! See you next weekend for the latest installment of the SATURDAY SIX, where we’ll look at something fun from the world of Disney and Universal. If you enjoyed yourself, be sure to check out the THEME PARK ENJOYMENT INDEX, giving a monthly recap of all the theme park news you need to know (and a lot more you don’t need to know, but we’re gonna tell you anyway). You can also follow Your Humble Author on Twitter (@derekburgan).

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Special Thanks to The Elite Brandon Glover, Digital Maestro Scott Walker, the bio-est of all reconstructs @bioreconstruct, Captain Cruiseline Scott Sanders of the world famous Disney Cruise Line Blog, my personal protege Hunter “Elvey” Underwood, artist @SonderQuest, the mighty maven of merchandise Hedgehog’s Corner, the SAT SIX Fun Squad of Parkscope Joe and “the Dadalorian” Nick, hot shot Michael Carelli, charter member of the Universal Four @Nitro230, the permit princess Alicia Stella, master cartographer Tommy Hawkins, and Hermione Granger’s tutor Megan Stump for their invaluable assistance with this article. Absolutely no help was added by SeaWorld Influencer @SuperWeenieHtJr. The SAT SIX is inspired each week by goofballs Aengus Mackenzie and LitemAndHyde and you Potterheads will  enjoy Meg’s other blog work over at the Central Florida Slug Club.

“I’ll be Bac…”

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One thought on “SATURDAY SIX Presents: Tips for playing Universal’s MINION BLAST – A Comprehensive Guide to Getting a High Score

  • I played the game a few times last month and liked it in general. Many years ago I was better at this stuff, but today I can barely figure out where my ammo is landing and which targets are what. The average out-of-town guest isn’t likely to get in enough gametime to reach the levels of expertise described above. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, the humor contained in the exhibit floor walk-through, before you reach the game itself, is outstanding and I only wish I could have lingered there a bit longer to see all the gags.


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