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A Few Transportation Notes For Walt Disney World

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Walt Disney World Buses
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A couple of things have been brought to my attention in regards to transportation at Walt Disney World that I thought you should all be aware of since they could potentially impact your 2014 vacations.

First off, a brand new bus loop at the Magic Kingdom opened about a month ago. Because of  this third bus loop, there has been some shifting in regards to which bus stops are where. Make sure to check the directory for the load zone you are looking for.

With the addition of the new loop, Disney is providing direct transportation from the Magic Kingdom to the other three theme parks. This means that a transfer to a bus at the Transportation and Ticket Center is no longer required.

Those wishing to take the Disney’s Hollywood Studios bus can find it at load zones 4 and 5. Those wishing to take a bus to Disney’s Animal Kingdom can head to load zone 6. The Epcot bus (only available when the Epcot monorail loop is down) is found at load zone 9. Monorail transportation to Epcot is unchanged: guests must take a monorail or ferry to the Transportation and Ticket Center, where they transfer to the Epcot monorail line. This is the current set up, but it could change at any time, so make sure to check the directory at the front of the bus area before heading to a particular zone.

The second piece of news involves the monorails. Beginning January 21, monorail service will be severely impacted due to scheduled maintenance. Both the Magic Kingdom Resort Loop and the Express Loop will be  unavailable to guests during non-peak times on weekdays from 11:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

During the monorail closures, additional buses and watercraft will be available for guests to use. This work work on both Magic Kingdom monorail beams is expected to last until the end of March 2014 (weather permitting).

For those wishing to use Epcot’s beam, it will be unaffected and will have normal operating hours.

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13 thoughts on “A Few Transportation Notes For Walt Disney World

  • Rikki – Do y’all happen to know how long the monorail service maintenance will take? Just wondering how long the schedules will be altered … Thanks for any info you can pass along!

    • Just re-read the article and found the answer at the end … sorry about that!

  • Well this is not good news. Usually stay off property but decided to go contemporary for the weekend. Now how does one get back from the MK to hotel during the monorail closure? Is walking my tired kids back for their nap the only way? Also how does one get to Epcot at say 3 pm? Is there going to be a bus or am I walking to the TTC? Thanks in advance for the replies.

    • Reading this blog in preparations for our visit next week. Is the Monorail down?

  • Is there a bus from the MK to the Polynesian and Grand Floridian? I’ve never needed this source of transportation so am just checking. My MIL uses a scooter and the resort boats to these resorts are not equipped for wheelchairs or scooters. Just wondering the best way to get from MK to these resorts during the hours that the monorail is not available.

  • If you guys think your upset. I might have to drive monorail replacement routes, They are very boring. Oh and the guests are usually upset to have to ride a bus, which of course isnt my fault, but im the one to complain to.

  • Whew…glad the Monorail work is being done the week after I am there. We are planning on heading over to the Poly for an early dinner on the day we’re going to Magic Kingdom. Being able to ride the Monorail there and back is how we’re able to do that with relative ease. This may hurt the early ADRs at the Monorail resorts…for people like me who want to eat then head back to Magic Kingdom for a night parade and/or fireworks.

    • Unless I read wrong the monorail is open during peak hours so hopping back & forth for ressies at supper will not be impacted too much…park hours (and fireworks) were extended / later than original schedules indicated …many nights during our trip MK is now open until 1am with 10pm fireworks

  • Drat about the Monorail. That makes getting home for nap that much harder.

    Do you think it would be easier/faster to take the bus from MK or the Contemporary to get to other parks?

  • Your info about Epcot is wrong. Its only a bus when the epcot monorail is down. And Loadzone #9 is only used when needed, and the FT Wilderness bus might use the same load zone when the boats are down. Separate buses, and if they are both buses are in service im sure another load zone would be used to avoid confusion.

    • Thanks Rob…I know that this all went into effect a couple of days ago, so I was going off what I’ve read in regards to the change. What you say would seem like it would be correct. I have changed my article to include your information, but I am researching it a bit more to double check.

    • How do i get from magic kingdom to the Beach and Yacht Club hotel… i can see going to epcot and walking through to the resort but what if epcot is closed by the time i go home… Little off topic but anyone who knows that much about buses may be able to help.

      • Jeff, if your leaving Magic Kingdom to go to your resort you would just take the bus to Beach/Yacht club resort.

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