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Review: New Big Hero 6 Menu at Lucky Fortune Cookery

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Disney has transformed the former Pacific Wharf area of Disney California Adventure to a land called San Fransokyo Square, which is inspired by Big Hero 6. Part of this change of theme comes a slew of new menu options in the land’s various quick service restaurants. Lucky Fortune Cookery, which has been a part of DCA since the park opened, received almost a completely new menu. In this post we’ll take a look at the new menu and share our thoughts.

The new menu features Asian fast food staples such as rice bowls, udon, karaage chicken, and boba drinks. The previous menu was mostly made up of rice bowls, which were decent in quality and taste, as well as an affordable dining option. One of these rice bowls remains, the teriyaki chicken bowl with sautéed vegetables and steamed rice for $12.99.

Starting off with what I thought was the highlight of the menu, the Yaki Udon with Karaage-inspired Crispy Chicken. First of all, the karaage chicken was fantastic. If you’ve ever visited Japan I’m sure you’re aware of the abundance of convenience stores (aka konbini) along almost every street in the country. They’re packed full of fantastic and affordable snacks and drinks. When you visit Japan it’s almost a rite of passage to pick your favorite konbini. Each of the different brands of konbini have hundreds of food items available, but the some of the most famous items are each store’s take on karaage chicken. Karaage chicken is light, crispy, and flaky. The chicken is deep fried, but the chicken is not covered in batter like typical fried chicken, so the chicken itself remains moist and tender. It’s delicious, and while Disney’s version isn’t as good as authentic Japanese convenience store karaage chicken, it gives me a hint of flavor that transports me back to my favorite destination in the world. This is a “if you know, you know” kind of thing, but trust me if you’re a fan of Japan you wont want to miss this dish.

The downside of this dish? It’s an eyewatering $18.49. That’s a lot for a quick service meal but on the plus side it is good quality, and pretty filling. The udon noodles were cooked perfectly and there’s a generous helping of fresh vegetables. The other ingredients in this dish are with mushrooms, sugar snap peas, roasted red peppers, bok choy, dark soy and hoisin sauces. You can get this dish without the chicken for “only” $13.49.

Another entree available with the same karaage chicken from the udon is this Karaage-inspired Crispy Chicken Sandwich ($14.99). It’s served with with slaw, togarashi mayonnaise on a potato bun, and served with garlic chips. The highlight of this entree is the togarashi mayonnaise, which was delicious. If you’re not aware, togarashi is a Japanese mixed chili pepper condiment that you’ll find on the table at many Japanese restaurants. If that sounds too exotic for you I advise you to try it! It’s not that different from many spices we use here in the USA, and you may find something new you like. This karaage chicken sandwich is vastly better than any other chicken sandwich you’ll find in Disneyland Resort.

If you’re looking for a different take on nachos then you don’t want to miss out on the Pork Wonton Nachos with hoisin-glazed pork, cheese sauce, spicy aïoli. pickled cabbage, jalapeños and toasted sesame seeds. The hoisin-glazed pork is mouth watering and I can definitely see this entree becoming a go-to side dish when I’m in the park with my friends. A huge plus is that the Pork Wonton Nachos are only $10.49, which is cheap for a Disneyland Resort quick service menu item.

A returning favorite to the menu is the Beef Bulgogi Burrito for $13.99. It’s filled with seasoned rice, cabbage slaw, and served with garlic chips. Beef bulgogi is a famous Korean style of beef that’s slightly sweet and gloriously salty. I’m a huge fan of burritos so this fusion dish is one of my favorite quick service entrees in Disneyland Resort. It’s also one of the most popular entrees in the park so I’m not surprised to see it remain on the new menu.

For dessert there’s this adorable Baymax Macaron for $6.99. It’s filled with marshmallow and chocolate and decent in size.

I’d recommend passing on this one since there are much more exciting desserts in DCA, such as the ice cream creations at Clarabelle’s or the seasonal bread pudding at Aunt Cass Cafe.

I’m happy to report that Disneyland Resort has finally figured out a way to make a excellent boba drink. In the past Disney’s boba drinks have been either too sweet with not enough flavor, or have included some of the worst boba balls on earth. Not anymore, the boba in the Thai Tea with Sea Salt Cream and Brown Sugar Boba is soft and perfectly chewy. I’m a bit of a boba fanatic and I indulge in a cup at least once a week, so to finally have a delicious boba drink in the park is great news. The price is a bit high at $6.99.

Another drink option is the Lychee Tea comprised of unsweetened black tea, premium lychee syrup with lychee coconut jelly. Unlike almost every other Disney nonalcoholic drink, this one isn’t a total sugar bomb thanks to the unsweetened black tea. I really enjoyed the hint of lychee. This will also set you back $6.99. Overall we enjoyed the entire menu at Lucky Fortune Cookery. If you’re in the mood for Asian-inspired dishes then you can’t go wrong here. It’s rare that Disney improves an entire menu in one swing but they managed to do it here.\

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Are you looking forward to trying anything on Lucky Fortune Cookery’s new menu? Let me know what you think if you already have tried it in the comments below. 


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