One-Day Touring Plan for Parents with Small Children

This plan is designed for parents with children ages 3 to 8, who wish to see the very best age-appropriate attractions and shows in the Disney Studios. Every attraction has a rating of at least three stars (out of five) from preschool and grade school children surveyed by the Unofficial Guide. The plan includes a mid-day break outside the park, so families can rest, relax and regroup. The plan keeps walking and backtracking to a minimum.

One-Day Holiday Touring Plan for Parents with Small Children

A special version of our standard one-day plan, designed to avoid the long lines typically found during peak times at the Studios. If your child is interested in participating on-stage in the Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple show, sign up immediately upon entering the park. The sign-up location is just between Star Tours and the Frozen Theater.

One-Day Late Arrival Touring Plan for Parents with Small Children

A relaxed guide that allows families with small children to sleep late and still see the highlights of the Disney Studios. The plan begins around 11 am, sets aside ample time for lunch, and includes the very best child-friendly attractions and shows in the park. Special advice is provided for touring the park with small children. The plan provides a good balance between walking and waiting in line.

One-Day Not-A-Touring-Plan Plan for Parents with Small Children

Experience Toy Story Mania first thing in the morning, then begin a counter-clockwise tour of the park starting with the attractions in the Animation Courtyard. See those attractions in any order. Stop to get character autographs, to shop, or to rest. Continue the plan whenever you're ready. You'll have a solid strategy for beating most of the crowds, with the most flexible schedule possible.