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Interactive Games at Walt Disney World

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When you only have a few days to spend at Walt Disney World sacrifices have to be made. With so many shows and attractions to experience I think the interactive games in the parks are one of the first things to be cut. However, some of these are worth the time to explore. Today I’ll be ranking these from “lowest priority” to “can’t miss” and sharing a little bit of information about each. All of these games are included in your park admission so take notes on what you’d like to play on your next visit!

IMG_1714#4 – A Pirate’s Adventure: Just because this one came in 4th doesn’t mean it isn’t tons of fun! The reason I ranked it low is because the missions take very little effort, it’s short, and it seems to be targeted more for smaller children. Located in the Magic Kingdom this game is played entirely in Adventureland. It’s very easy to pick up a map and start a game. Simply stop by the sign up station located just past the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Once there you’ll be able to choose your mission and grab a map just by swiping your park admission ticket. Even if you don’t want to play grabbing a map is very quick and they make a nice, free souvenir. Captain Jack will surely sign your treasure map and that would look great in a scrapbook! If you decide to play you’ll be sent to a location on your map to start your mission. You can expect each mission to take about 15 minutes to complete. During this time you’ll visit 5 or so locations and experience 30-45 seconds of activity at each stop. There’s nothing needed from you with this one, you’ll just be watching the story unfold. You aren’t missing a ton skipping A Pirate’s Adventure but if you have an extra 15 minutes why not stop by? Especially if you have little kids they might just love it!

IMG_1591#3 – Wilderness Explorers: Ironically, the previous game I dinged for being too quick but for me Wilderness Explorers takes a little too long! This game takes place all over Animal Kingdom when you sign up to become a Wilderness Explorer like Russell from the Disney movie Up. When you sign up at one of several locations you’ll be given a very nice booklet of badges that you can earn throughout the park. These are figurative badges as the grand prize for all your effort is a sticker, but it’s a fun way to really explore the park. While it’s quite a bit of work it doesn’t have to be completed in a single day. That’s a good thing since collecting all your badges will take 3-5 hours! The cast members in the park remain very enthusiastic about this program. If they see you with a booklet they almost won’t let you walk by without completing your badge for their area. I found myself hiding my book because I didn’t want to spend the time in certain areas. Of course, that’s coming from someone that’s seen everything twenty times! If it’s your first time at Animal Kingdom this is a great game to learn your way around and get some great information about the park.

Capture#2 – Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom: This was a close one, but I had to rank SotMK as a very close second. This is because the game play is unique and exciting for your first mission but starts to feel a bit stale once you repeat the process with a few villains. The concept is that Disney villains are plotting to take over the Magic Kingdom and it’s your job to defeat them one by one through magical portals only you can find. You can sign up on Main Street at the old Fire House or in Liberty Square near the Princess Tiana meet and greet. During the sign up process you’ll be given a map to portal locations, a key to open the portals, and five spell cards. This is everything that you’ll need to play but if you’re anything like me you’ll head back daily for new spell cards! You only need to play one portal each day to be eligible to receive new cards. I’ve had more fun collecting and trading these cards than I’ve had playing the game. There are 60 cards total in the standard deck but there are also rare editions from hard ticketed events and 10 extra rare cards that can only be purchased in blind packs. If you decide to play it’s a good idea to stop by early or late as the portals do not handle traffic well and tend to get long lines during the busiest parts of the day. Depending on lines missions can take anywhere from 30-60 minutes to complete. All in all, even if you only grab some fun (and free) souvenir cards it’s worth the time!

IMG_1047#1 – Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure: And our winner is, Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure! The fun starts when you sign up at any one of multiple locations and are given what looks like a cell phone. From there the device leads you through various adventures and puzzles through the lands of the World Showcase. Each of the missions are very different and entertaining. I’ve found that I’m able to complete a mission in about 30 minutes but much like potato chips you can’t have just one. Be warned: if you let your young child or tween play a mission it may be them dragging YOU around the World Showcase! This game is a great way to get your kids to tour what have traditionally been some of the more boring parts of Walt Disney World. If you’re worried that this game might be an eyesore you’ll be pleasantly surprised. I’m always impressed at how well this game is hidden in plain sight. It blends in perfectly with the theming of each land!The bottom line is this is a game that’s fun for all ages regardless of if you’re a fan of Phineas and Ferb. If you plan on taking some time to stroll around the World Showcase then you can’t miss this fun addition!

So what do you think of my rankings? Would you put a different game on top? Have you played any of these? What were your experiences like? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below! As always, thanks for reading!

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19 thoughts on “Interactive Games at Walt Disney World

  • perfect timing……we leave TOMORROW for the World and have Pirate’s Adventure on our to-do list. My kids are 8 and 10 so I hope it isn’t too young for them, but I’d rather do PA than Sorcer’s. we’ll do Agent P in Epcot too, cause we loved it when it was Kim Possible!

    • Hey Jennifer! Just in case you’re reading your mail today they just started a Muppets Scavenger Hunt at Epcot today. I’m working on a post about it right now. It isn’t the best… but it is something else for the kids to do. Hope you’re having the BEST trip ever!!

      • Are the Muppets replacing Agent P in Epcot? If, not and you had to pick just one, which would you go for?

      • Hey Sarah! No way – Agent P is still going strong. The Muppets are just an extra add on for Flower & Garden Festival. If you only could choose one I’d hands down choose Agent P but it would be really easy to do both.

  • Thanks so much for doing this blog post, Daisy. I was one of the people who requested you do a post about Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure, so I’m grateful you followed through! And it’s even better that you wrote about all the interactive games, because I had just been reading up on A Pirate’s Adventure and thinking it could be fun for my family as well. I think my 3 kids are at the right ages that they will enjoy these games, and we will be in the parks for 7 days this June, therefore we can afford the time to try them out! Thanks again!!!

    • Hey Erin! I couldn’t remember who suggested this post but I’m really thankful for the suggestions. I’d like to do a longer post on Agent P too, but it would be full of spoilers. 🙂

  • We are thinking of doing parts/all of the Pirate’s Adventure over several days with our girls. Do you stay in Adventureland the whole time ? Trying to plan it in between other attractions. Thanks !

    • The game resets every night so you need to do all the maps in one day to get to the finally. And you you stay in Adventureland the whole time.

      • Thanks for the info Marc! 🙂

  • I loved Wilderness Explorers. You are able to go to any station at any time! Every cast member was so excited and engaging… even with adults! I learned a lot and it really added to my experience at AK.

    I wish you could do some of the other attractions in any order you want… or have it be a bit more flexible.

    • Hey Melissa – that is a good point. I agree, it would be more fun if you could do others in any order your’d like. Thanks for commenting!

  • Great post, thanks! Our son (age 8 at the time) played the Epcot adventure a couple of years ago (before it was re-themed to Agent-P) and loved it! In fact, Epcot was his favorite park of that trip! He can’t wait to play again on our trip this year and he LOVES the new theme. It truly is a great way for kids to explore World Showcase! We were wondering about the Sorcerers and Wilderness Explorers, so appreciate the details you provided!

    • Hi Gina, I’m so glad you enjoyed this one! Please let me know if you have any questions. I’m happy to help. Thanks!

  • Pirates Adventure will take you much longer if you do all the maps in the game.(there are 5 or 6)and you need to do all of theme to see all the effects. And you need to return to the kiosk after every map. My boys loved this adventure on our last trip.

    • Hey Marc! That is a good point, I included how long it would take to complete a single “mission” for each. I’ve never played Pirates all the way through.. it was just too easy for a couple of adults. Is the finale worth it? Thanks for reading!

      • The finale was a bit disappointing but fun none the less.

      • Haha, I’ll keep that in mind. I’ll have to borrow someone’s kids for the day! 😉

  • Does Pirates Adventure use the portals that were part of SotMK? Or is it in addition to those? My recollection is those were the portals most likely to have technical difficulties.
    Need to be prepared as I know we’ll be spending hours and hours playing SotMK next week (and Agent P). Our SotMK card book is already packed and ready to go!

    • Hi Monica! Nope – they are totally separate. If you weren’t really looking for the Pirates game you could almost miss it. There are just new props all over Adventureland. Good luck collecting SotMK cards! I was so happy when I finished my first set!! 🙂


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