64 Things to Do at Epcot Without Going on Rides

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Here at TouringPlans, our raison d’etre is maximizing your time on the rides. But there are many times when going on rides, or at least some rides, is not the right way to spend time in a theme park. This may be because:

  • You’re pregnant and rides are contraindicated
  • You have motion sickness issues
  • You have sensory processing issues that are exacerbated by motion
  • You have some other medical issue that contraindicates rides
  • You’re the caregiver for someone with the above issues
  • You’re supervising a young child who is too short for some rides
  • You don’t like rides
  • You prefer non-moving attractions
  • You don’t feel like waiting in a line

Here are just some of many of the things you can do at Walt Disney World’s EPCOT without going on rides. Note: Some of these items such as shopping, tours, and dining require additional purchases beyond park admission and some items may require advance reservations. Also note that some items may be temporarily paused or modified due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  1. Watch the Jammitors (or their seasonal variations) perform.
  2. Watch a character cavalcade.

    #2 Character calavcade
  3. Stop by the France pavilion’s Palais du Ciném exhibit Tale As Old As Time: French Storytelling on Stage and Screen.
  4. Pose for Photopass pictures in front of Spaceship Earth.
  5. Drink Around the World. Bonus points for choosing a theme or particular type of beverage to sample in all the World Showcase countries.
  6. Collect pressed pennies.

    #6 Find all the pressed penny machines.
  7. Listen to the Voices of Liberty.

    #7 Voices of Liberty performing at the America pavilion
  8. Scour the shops to find the perfect NuiMO outfits.
  9. Watch the Awesome Planet Film and learn about conservation.
  10. Learn about Native American history at the American Heritage Gallery.

    #10 Native American history display.
  11. Belt out some classic Disney tunes at the Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along.
  12. Geek out on the cuteness of Kawaii at the Bijutsu-kan Gallery in the Japan pavilion.

    #12 Explore the cuteness of Kawaii
  13. Try on the hats of many nations: Viking horns, coonskin cap, giant sombrero, beret, and more.
  14. Observe dozens of types of sea life in the aquariums at the Living Seas pavilion.
  15. Learn about our neighbors to the north by watching the Canada Far and Wide film in Circle-Vision 360.
  16. Enjoy the Mexican folk art display Remember ME! La Celebración del Dia de Muertos in the Mexico pavilion.

    #16 Remember Me exhibit in Mexico
  17. Indulge in the world’s greatest caramel popcorn at Germany’s Karamell-Küche.
  18. Collect a souvenir from each country at the Kidcot Fun Stops.
  19. Shop for your dream car at the Test Track exit shop.
  20. Get the perfect shot for Instagram by posing at the bubblegum wall. (Located at the side of Spaceship Earth, the bubblegum wall is a pink and blue cousin of the Purple Wall.)
  21. Listen to the sounds of Mexico as performed by Mariachi Cobre.
  22. Shop for Japanese snacks at Mitsukoshi.
  23. Buy a pickle ornament for your tree.

    #23 Pickle ornament
  24. Enjoy a German feast at the Biergarten.
  25. Trade pins with cast members or other guests.
  26. At the China Pavilion’s House of Whispering Willows Gallery, explore the world of Shanghai Disney Resort.
  27. Feel the yum of cherry gelato.
  28. Eat a beef fat candle at Le Cellier.

    #28 Beef fat candle
  29. Cool off with a kakigori.
  30. Explore artifacts related to the history of jazz music in the American Adventure The Soul of Jazz exhibit.

    #30 Jazz exhibit in the America pavilion
  31. Watch the ducks and squirrels.
  32. Play games at the Mission: Space Advanced Training Lab. (Activity paused due to COVID, likely returning soon.)
  33. Play in the Imagination Pavilion Imageworks What If Labs. (Activity paused due to COVID, likely returning soon.)
  34. Grab a crepe from the Crepes des Chefs de France stand and pretend you’re snacking near the Eiffel Tower.
  35. Stock up on Japanese beauty supplies.

    #35 So many interesting Japanese beauty products.
  36. Shop for fragrances at the shops in the France pavilion.
  37. View the Future of EPCOT at the EPCOT Experience.
  38. Imagine the stories behind all the family portraits at the Leave A Legacy walls.
  39. Tour the Viking exhibit in Norway’s Stave Church Gallery.
  40. Watch the giant display of tiny trains outside the Germany pavilion.

    #40 Germany Trains
  41. Pose for photos inside a giant replica shark in the Living Seas pavilion. (Activity paused due to COVID, likely returning soon.)
  42. Admire the topiaries and other plantings around the park.
  43. Enjoy the EPCOT Forever fireworks experience. Returning on July 1, 2021.
  44. Pop out from the back entrance (International Gateway) and explore the EPCOT resorts area including the Boardwalk and Yacht & Beach Club hotels. Bonus points if it’s the holiday season and the giant gingerbread carousel is on display at the Beach Club.
  45. Sample the flavors at the Festival booths. (There is nearly always a Festival at EPCOT: Flower & Garden, Food & Wine, Festival of the Arts, etc.)

    #45 Explore the food booths
  46. Take the Behind the Seeds walking tour in the Land pavilion. Paused due to COVID.
  47. Indulge in a tequila tasting at La Cava del Tequila.
  48. Dine in a revolving restaurant at Garden Grill in the Land pavilion.
  49. Count the baguettes in the Impressions de France film.
  50. Experience the joy of school bread in the Norway pavilion.

    #50 School Bread!
  51. Sip the international flavors of Coke brands at Club Cool. Returning this summer!
  52. Snap some pics of the entrance fountain.

    #52 Entrance Fountain
  53. Contemplate the problematic nature of the name “Regal Eagle” while snacking on some pulled pork and banana pudding.
  55. Spend a relaxing moment at the Japan pavilion koi pond.

    #55 Koi pond in Japan
  56. Create a lovely selection of teas at the UK pavilion.

    #56 Stock up on your favorite teas.
  57. Play with the marionettes at the China pavilion.

    #57 Master the marionettes
  58. Bond with a giant troll in Norway.

    #58 This is the only troll we want to hang with.
  59. Turn your name into a ring at the Mexico pavilion.

    #59 Buy a personalized ring
  60. Watch the dancing fountains outside the Imagination pavilion.
  61. Buy a complete set of personalized glassware in Germany.

    #61 Get personalized glassware in Germany.
  62. Make a call from a phone booth in the UK.

    #62 Proper phone booths in the UK.
  63. Cool off in a water play area.

    #63 Water play fun.
  64. Sample sake in Japan.
#64 Sake

What are you favorite non-ride activities at EPCOT?


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2 thoughts on “64 Things to Do at Epcot Without Going on Rides

  • June 17, 2021 at 7:08 pm

    This article portrays the beauty and wonder of EPCOT which cannot be had at any other park. Kudos squared.

  • June 25, 2021 at 11:06 am

    Even though we have been to Epcot numerous times, we have not done most of these great ideas! Can’t wait for our next trip!


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