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25 Drinks of Christmas – Day 25: TENNESSEE LEMONADE at Regal Eagle while DRINKING AROUND THE WORLD in EPCOT

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The Christmas season is our absolute favorite time of the year. Growing up, one of the little things I loved most was getting an Advent calendar and counting down the days until Santa would be coming down the chimney. As I grew older, I had to leave Advent calendars in the rear view mirror,* but I still miss that daily countdown building anticipation to the big day. So, we’re going to start a virtual Advent calendar here at TouringPlans. For 2022, we are going to countdown our favorite drinks at Walt Disney World and the Universal Orlando Resort.

Criteria: Drinks can be alcoholic or nonalcoholic. Drinks can come from any venue on the property. Bonus points are awarded for the atmosphere where the drink is served. Any drink with glow cubes is immediately disqualified. Ready? Let’s go!

The Drink – Tennessee Lemonade
Location – Regal Eagle Smokehouse in EPCOT

Regal Eagle Smokehouse. (photo by Michael Carelli)

TENNESSE LEMONADE – Ingredients: Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey with Minute Maid Premium lemonade and peach.

Once again we are reaching out to a Certified Drinking Expert (AKA ) Professor Daniel Miller, co-author of the book Drinking at Disney, and the guy who is on a first name basis with every Uber driver on WDW property.

EPCOT and World Showcase are the birthplace and epicenter of Drinking at Disney, so it stands to reason that we cap off the 25 drinks of Christmas here. The Tennessee Lemonade at the Regal Eagle Bar is arguably the best new cocktail to debut at EPCOT since opening and confirmed to be my personal favorite. The drink is straightforward Jack Daniel’s and a perfect blend of Lemonade that is tart but refreshing and perfect to grab for whatever artist is playing at the theater across the path or carry to your next destination… which begs the question… which way to go?  Japan or Italy? (spoiler alert: there is no wrong answer…) – Prof. Daniel Miller

Regal Eagle’s Tennessee Lemonade.
Tennessee Lemonade glamour shot. (photo by Michael Carelli)
Prof. Daniel Miller enjoys a Tennessee Lemonade at Regal Eagle.

What could be more iconic in the current Walt Disney World landscape than “Drinking Around the World”? EPCOT’s

Pretzel and Beer in Germany. (photo by Brandon Glover)
Welsh Dragon at Rose & Crown. (photo by Brandon Glover)
Imperial Sampler at Rose & Crown. (photo by Brandon Glover)
Tipsy Ducks In Love from the China. (photo by Michael Carelli)
Tutto Gusto in Italy, a Fernet Branca (the very same drink Alfred toasts Bruce Wayne with at the end of Dark Knight Rises. (photo by Brandon Glover)
Jalepeno and Avocado margaritas from La Cava in Mexico. (photo by Stacey Lantz)
Le Geant Slush in France. Available with a Grand Marnier or Grey Goose Citron shot. We chose the former. Appropriately photographed on top of a garbage can. (photo by Brandon Glover0

25 Drinks of Christmas TouringPlans Brought to Me…

Thank you for joining us for the 25 Drinks of Christmas Countdown! If you had fun, be sure to check out any of our other fun series including Theme Park Hills to Die On, the adventures of David & Derek (theme park’s Goofus & Gallant,) or the famous (infamous?) Theme Park Turkeys of the Year awards. for your listening pleasure, check out the Parkscope Podcast. Your humble author can also be seen producing typos at an inhuman rate on Twitter: @derekburgan

The 25 Drinks of Christmas series couldn’t have been done without an All Star team behind us including world class photographers Michael Carelli, Brandon Glover, Scott Sanders, and Hedghehog’s Corner. The drink listing came from a double-secret blue ribbon panel comprised of SAT SIX Fun Squaders including: Megan Stump, Nitro230,The Man Formerly Known as @DrunkAtDisney, Bethany Vinton, Parkscope Joe and Parkscope Nick. As always, Digital Maestro Scott Walker was the cherry on top of the sundae.

*That is an absolute lie. I still buy an advent calendar every year with chocolates in it, and I also buy an annual box of Christmas Crunch, but we’ll keep that between us.


Always in our hearts.

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