This page accompanies our general advice on FastPass+ at Walt Disney World.

FastPass+ is Walt Disney World's ride and show reservation system. On this page you will find FastPass+ tips and strategies, how and where to make FastPass+ reservation in Epcot, and FastPass+ rules and restrictions.

Epcot's Tiered FastPass+ Attractions and Their Impact on Touring Plan Strategy

We've updated our Epcot touring plans so that each plan now lists the suggested FastPass+ start times for the attractions that will save you the most time in line, like this:

Suggested start times for FastPass+ reservations:

Mission:Space (Orange) = 9 AM
Soarin' = 10 AM
Spaceship Earth = 11 AM

The updated plans are very efficient, with the average wait in line under 9 minutes per attraction on most plans. In fact, because the plans are so efficient, we've added Agent P's World Showcase Adventure and other attractions to many of the plans for teens and adults. (We also really like the game.) And some touring plans only use 2 of the 3 FastPass+ reservations you're given each day, which means you have 1 more to revisit a favorite attraction or try a new ride.

When we updated the plans, we kept track of how many times each attraction was identified as needing FastPass+. As we did for the Magic Kingdom's FastPass+ priorities, here's Epcot's chart: Epcot FastPass+ Chart

Epcot offers FastPass+ for 12 different experiences, and it was a little surprising to see that FastPass+ was useful in at at least some circumstances in about half of the attractions. Read on for a detailed explanation of why these attractions show up most frequently in our Epcot touring plans.

The first thing to note about Epcot is that its FastPass+ attractions, like the FastPass+ attractions at Disney's Hollywood Studios, are grouped (or "tiered"), and Disney limits how many FastPass+ reservations you can make for each group. Here's the tiering:

Group A (Choose 1 attraction)

IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth
Test Track
Living with the Land
Mission: SPACE Green
Mission: SPACE Orange

Group B (Choose 2 attractions)

Disney/Pixar Short Film Festival
Journey Into Imagination With Figment
Spaceship Earth
The Seas with Nemo & Friends
Turtle Talk with Crush
Epcot Character Spot

A lot of our Epcot touring strategy is dictated by the first group, which includes both Soarin' and Test Track. Since you can't get FastPass+ reservations for both, the basic strategy is to visit one as the first step in a touring plan, and then use FastPass+ for the other.

Another thing that affects an Epcot touring plan is that Sum of All Thrills, where you design and ride your own virtual roller coaster, does not participate in FastPass+. (Probably because its can handle only a few hundred guests per hour, so it doesn't have enough capacity to allocate to reservations.)  Sum of All Thrills appears on our 'tween, teen and adult touring plans. Sum of All Thrills is in Innoventions East, near Test Track and Mission: SPACE, so--when Soarin' is open--our one-day touring plan for adults avoids the capacity constraints at Sum of All Thrills by putting it as the fourth step of the day, in between FastPass+ reservations for Test Track and Mission: SPACE:

Adult 1-Day Touring Plan for Epcot

1. Soarin'
2. Living with the Land
3. Test Track - make FastPass+ reservation for 9:15 AM to 10:15 AM
4. Sum of All Thrills
5. Mission: SPACE (Orange) - make FastPass+ reservation for 10:15 AM to 11:15 AM

This puts you at Test Track in the second half of your one-hour FastPass+ time window. By the time you've finished Test Track and been through Sum of All Thrills, your FastPass+ window for Mission: SPACE (Orange) will have started, and it's a short walk from Innoventions East. So this strategy saves you both time in line and walking.

Why FastPass+ Is Recommended More At Soarin' Than Test Track

You'll notice that our touring plan software recommends FastPass+ for Soarin' more than twice as often as Test Track. Both have 40" height requirements, but Test Track is a more harsh ride, with sudden stops, turns and acceleration. For that reason, Test Track doesn't appear on many of our touring plans for parents with small children or our touring plans for seniors, and it doesn't appear as often in the chart above.

The second reason is that Test Track has a single rider line, but Soarin' does not. Test Track's single-rider wait times are typically less than half of the standby wait times. If you're willing to have your group ride separately, Test Track's single rider line is a good way to mitigate its standby waits.

Attractions That Never Need FastPass+ In Our Epcot Touring Plans

These Epcot attractions never require FastPass+ in our touring plans:

Disney/Pixar Short Film Festival
Journey Into Imagination with Figment
Epcot Character Spot
Mission: SPACE (Green)

Waits for the Disney/Pixar Short Film Festival and Imagination are almost always under 10 minutes, so they're not a good use of FastPass+. Similarly, the waits for the non-spinning Mission: SPACE(Green) are almost always lower than the spinning (Orange); the spinning version is more popular and that's what we have in our touring plans.

Epcot Character Spot doesn’t require FastPass+ in our Epcot touring plans for parents with small children. Because you can get a Fast- Pass+ for Soarin’ (if your kids are old enough to ride), and because Test Track and Mission: SPACE aren’t in our plans due to their intensity and height requirements, our software usually puts the Character Spot as one of the first steps in your plan.

IllumiNations is a must-see, and FastPass+ gets you into a special viewing area for the show, but you still have to arrive a good 30–40 minutes in advance to get a good spot. Plus, there are so many other good viewing spots around World Showcase Lagoon that it’s difficult to recommend FastPass+ for IllumiNations; the consequence is an hour-long wait at either Soarin’ or Test Track. The exceptions are if you’re visiting World Showcase for an evening—there are no other Tier A attractions here—or if you’ve used your first three FastPass+ reservations and IllumiNations FastPasses are still available.

The Best Times for FastPass+ Reservations at Epcot

Now that you know which attractions most need FastPass+, the next question is when you should make your FastPass+ reservations. Here’s a chart showing the times our Epcot touring plans use FastPass+ to avoid long lines (yellow=morning times, orange=afternoon): Epcot FastpassPlus Suggested Times

Also note that the average FastPass+ reservation time is before 1:10 PM in our touring plans. Every FastPass+ ride is in Future World, and World Showcase doesn't open until 11 AM. This, coupled with typical guest arrival patterns at Epcot, means that crowds will be concentrated in Future World through early afternoon.

What To Do If You Have Other FastPass+ Attractions or Times

If you can get a FastPass+ reservation for the attractions shown, anywhere near the times listed, the touring plans will work exactly as shown, and your waits in line will be minimized. If you need to choose other FastPass+ attractions or times, our free computer-optimized touring plan software will incorporated those.

Here's the process I usually follow to create an optimal Epcot touring plan with low waits in line:

  1. Select all of the attractions I want to visit during the day, and enter in all of the meals and breaks I want to take. I don’t enter any FastPass+ times at this step, because I first want to see what the Optimizer identifies as the attractions with potentially long waits.
  2. Click the “Optimize” button and wait for the touring plan to be optimized.
  3. Find the first attraction with a wait over 30 minutes, and see if a FastPass+ reservation is available for that attraction around that time. If I find one, I enter in the FastPass+ time that’s available, and re-optimize the plan.
  4. I repeat Step 3 for the two FastPass+ eligible attractions with the highest wait times throughout the day. I re-optimize the plan after each attraction, because saving a bunch of time on one attraction may allow the Optimizer to uncover other ways to save you time throughout the day.

I'll also manually re-arrange some of the World Showcase steps in a plan, especially if they're not automatically oriented into a clockwise- or counter-clockwise tour. The folks in our Lines Chat forum are especially helpful in making suggestions for efficient touring plans too.

Miscellaneous Tips for Using FastPass+ at Epcot

  • Obtain FastPass+ reservations for Soarin' and Test Track as soon as possible - up to 60 days in advance for FastPass+, or early in the day as possible if you're an off-site guest.
  • Those using FastPass+ for Soarin' cannot play the interactive games in the stand-by queue.
  • Mission: SPACE has two versions (orange and green) with separate wait times. A FastPass+ reservation for Mission: SPACE can be used for either the green or the orange flavor of space travel.
  • World Showcase opens later than the rest of Epcot, and it takes crowds awhile to migrate from Future World to that part of the park.
  • Test Track has a single rider line. If you do not mind having each member of your party ride in a separate ride vehicle, this can save you time without using FastPass+.

Epcot FastPass+ Kiosks

Epcot's FastPass+ kiosk are located throughout the park, including:

  • At the MyMagic+ Service Center in Future World between Spaceship Earth and Innoventions East
  • At the International Gateway entrance to the park
  • In the Future World West walkway, on the way to The Land pavilion
  • In the Future World East walkway, on the way to the Mission: Space pavilion

Last updated by Len Testa on March 13, 2016

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