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Journey into Imagination takes you on a tour of the zany Imagination Institute. Sometimes you’re a passive observer and sometimes you’re a test subject as the ride provides a glimpse of the fictitious lab’s inner workings. Stimulating all your senses and then some, it hits you with optical illusions, an experiment in which noise generates colors, a room that defies gravity, and other brain teasers. All along the way, Figment (a purple dragon) makes surprise appearances. After the ride, you can adjourn to an interactive exhibit area offering the latest in unique, hands-on imagery technology.

Reader responses to Figment and company are pretty consistent. From a Franklin, Tennessee, family of three:

Journey into Imagination should be experienced only if you’re a HUGE Figment fan—we, on the other hand, hated it. My husband was convinced after our touring plan sent us to Figment that all touring plans were a waste of time.

The ride falls short of the promise suggested by its name. Will you go to sleep? No. Will you find it amusing? Probably. Will you remember it tomorrow? Only Figment knows.

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The standby wait for this attraction rarely exceeds 20 minutes, so no need for FastPass+ here. You can enjoy the interactive postshow exhibit without taking the ride, so save it for later in the day.

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