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Escape From Tomorrow DVD and Bluray Released

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Escape from Tomorrow DVD
A scene from Escape from Tomorrow, now available on DVD and Bluray

When Escape From Tomorrow — the creepy monochromatic movie director Randy Moore surreptitiously shot inside Disney resorts –debuted at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, it was widely speculated that Mickey’s lawyers would never allow the unauthorized flick to be widely released. As it turned out, the movie was released online last year through online services like iTunes, and (as a counter on their official website attests) the creators have not yet been sued. In fact, the cult film is now set to reach an even wider audience, as Escape From Tomorrow DVDs and Blurays are now available from retailers, and for rental through Netflix’s mail service (sadly, it is not yet offered through Netflix Streaming).

If you are uncertain whether to take the plunge on this surreal stroll through the Disney parks, you can find plenty of professional reviews online. There’s also an interesting article explaining how the movie was shot inside Disney’s parks without Mouse managment’s knowledge or permission.

Though the story and acting are somewhat sketchy, Escape from Tomorrow is an undeniably fascinating document for diehard Disney park fans, especially because it was shot at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort. It’s exceptionally disorienting to see how the familiar parks have been edited together, and characters sometimes teleport from Anaheim to Orlando within a few seconds.

Here’s a list of some of the notable attractions and landmarks you’ll spot if you dare to take the plunge into Escape from Tomorrow for yourself:

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4 thoughts on “Escape From Tomorrow DVD and Bluray Released

  • It will be available on Netflix streaming on May 27.

    • Thanks Jason! I looked for it on Netflix’s website, where did you find that info?

  • I would not recommend opening the official website link in front of small children.

    • Thanks for the warning, Sarah! I didn’t notice anything NSFW on the homepage on my iPad, but maybe there’s something visible on PCs that I’m missing…


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