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    Mickey's Fun Wheel - Non Swinging

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Description And Comments

Higher than the Matterhorn attraction at Disneyland Park, this whopper of a Ferris wheel tops out at 150 feet. Absolutely spectacular in appearance, with an enormous Mickey head in the middle of its wheel. Mickey's Fun Wheel offers stunning views in all directions. Unfortunately, however, the view is severely compromised by the steel mesh that completely encloses the passenger compartment. In essence, Disney has created the world's largest revolving chicken coop. As concerns the ride itself, the non-swinging buckets are (relatively) stationary. We recommend these for those prone to motion sickness.

Touring Tips

Ferris wheels are the most slow loading of all cycle rides. Thus, we were very curious to see how the loading and unloading are engineered. Mickey's Fun Wheel has a platform that allows three compartments to be loaded at once. The lateral sliding buckets are loaded from the two outside platforms, while the stationary compartments are loaded from the middle platform. Loading the entire wheel takes about six and a half minutes, following which Mickey's Fun Wheel rotates so slowly that the wonderful rising and falling sensations of the garden-variety Ferris wheel are completely absent. For our money, Mickey's Fun Wheel is beautiful to behold but terribly boring to ride. If you decide to give it a whirl, ride the first hour the park is open or in the hour before the park closes.

The Non-Swinging version has the shorter waits of the two versions, but has only half the capacity (loads one car at a time instead of two). Also, be prepared during the busier season to double up with another small group if you are a group of 1, 2, or 3.

Special Comments

The world's largest chicken coop; may induce motion sickness.

Special Needs

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