This attraction's final day of operation was July 13, 2009.
The information below is provided for historical reference.

Description And Comments

On the Orange Stinger, you ride swings that look like giant bees. The bees swing in a circle around a central tower and inside of what looks like a partially peeled orange. Ride junkies state that the Orange Stinger has good "foot chop," which essentially means that your feet come very close to the enclosing orange. In addition to the foot chop, the ride is augmented by loud buzzing (really!). In the scary department, it's a wilder ride than Dumbo, but foot chop and frenetic buzzing notwithstanding, the Orange Stinger is still just swings going in circles. Lamentably, the 48-inch minimum-height restriction precludes from riding those who would most enjoy the attraction.

Touring Tips

This is a fun and visually appealing ride, but it's also one that loads slowly and occasions long waits unless you wrangle your bee during the first hour or so the park is open. Be aware that it's possible for the swing chairs to collide when the ride comes to a stop - the author once picked up a nice bruise when an empty swing smacked him during touchdown.

Special Comments

Simple but fun; 48" minimum-height requirement.

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