Description And Comments

A gang of singing Red Car News Boys (and one newsgirl), loosely inspired by the cult film and Tony-winning Broadway musical Newsies, use the Red Car trolleys as a roving stage for exuberant song-and-dance performances; look for the high-tech talking Mickey Mouse to make an extended cameo appearance.

Touring Tips

The newsboys' songs are solid, and the the singing and dancing exuberant, but the non-period synthesized orchestrations are obnoxious. For the resort's Diamond Anniversary, an inspid new song called "Dream It & Do It" was inserted into the show, at the expense of the Menken/Ashman earworm "Sieze The Day." If you have to chose one Buena Vista Street show, skip this in favor of Five and Dime.

Special Comments

Performances cause operations of the Red Car Trolley to temporarily cease.

Special Needs

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