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    Cove Café on Disney Magic

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Disney Magic, Deck 9 Midship


Specialty coffee and teas; wine, beer and spirits


Located Midship on Deck 9, Cove Café is the Magic’s adults-only coffee bar and one of our favorite places on the ship. The walls are covered in a combination of light cherry color wood paneling and upholstered fabric, while the floor is a mixture of honey-tinted hardwoods. What we like best is the way Disney has arranged seating along the curved, L-shaped bar: at one end is a private rounded corner cutout with a couple of comfortable stuffed chairs. At the opposite end is an open area with satellite television, couches, and armchairs. Depending on how social you’re feeling, you can sit by yourself at one end, or be among a group at the other.

Cove serves just about every java variation you can think of: espresso, cappuccino, latte, Americano, and flavored variations. The Cove serves Illy espresso (no coffee here, though they will happily make an Americano for you), which is maybe one step above Starbucks depending on the skill of the barista, but the excellent service makes up for it. Cove also serves hot teas, and has a good selection of wines, champagnes, spirits and mixed drinks. Prices for these are the same as throughout the rest of the ship.

Unofficial Tip

If you’re one of those people who needs a coffee or six every day, ask your server for a Café Fanatic rewards card; you’ll get every sixth specialty coffee free.

Besides beverages, the Cove Café has a self-serve refrigerated case stocked with small bites to eat throughout the day. Breakfast items usually include plain and chocolate croissants, Danish and fruit. Afternoon and evening service usually consists of cookies, brownies, cakes, crackers, and fruit. Dinner, though, is our favorite, because for a couple of hours Cove Café brings out a selection of prosciutto, dried sausages, marinated olives, cheeses and bread. You can make a light supper out of these and a drink, and because most families are either at dinner or preparing for it, there’s a chance you’ll have the café all to yourself.

The wireless Internet signal is fairly strong at Cove Café, making it a good spot to catch up on email or the latest news. You’ll also find here a small selection of current magazines and periodicals, and this is part of the real attraction at Cove: the ability to sit in a comfy chair, surrounded by $350 million of luxury cruise ship, sip coffee, and flip through the pages of The New Yorker in blessed silence.

Comparing the Ships

All four Disney ships have a Cove Café. The Cove Cafés on the Magic and Wonder match each other, and are a little larger than those on the Dream and Fantasy. (The Cove Café on the Wonder does, however, connect to the Outlook Café, which is unique to the Wonder.) Those on the Dream and Fantasy are almost identical twins, and don’t have the televisions found on the Magic and Wonder.

Masthead courtesy of Jon Fiedler and Dan Brace.