Description And Comments

The Disney Gallery hosts an array of classic Disney concept art, both for sale and for display. Moved from its location above Pirates of the Caribbean in New Orleans Square, the Gallery is now located in the former Bank of Main Street building. The Gallery also sports an art-on-demand kiosk, which is one of the few places you can order classic Disney artwork (crazily, there still isn't a way to order online).

Recent rotating exhibits have highlighted the artwork of Mary Blair, Walt Disney's railroad obsession (including remnants of his personal backyard train), and concept art showing castles from Disneylands around the world. Currently, the Gallery is featuring concept art from the early days of Disneyland, including formative sketches by Disney legends like John Hench, Sam McKim, and Harper Goff.

Touring Tips

Visit any time of day. A great respite from the heat. Stop in before a performance in the adjacent Main Street Opera House.

Special Needs

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