Description And Comments

The Golden Horseshoe has always offered a decent show, hearty snacks, and a nice air-conditioned respite from the sun. At the end of 2013, Disneyland foolishly put Billy Hill and the Hillbillies, a comic bluegrass fiddling quartet that was the fan favorite here for more than two decades, out to premature pasture. Billy and the boys were quickly snatched up by nearby Knott’s Berry Farm, and bumped up their day-off substitutes, The Laughing Stock Co., to the headlining spot.

Each interactive, semi-improvised Laughing Stock Co. show is different and includes a set of zany Wild Western-style characters. A particular favorite of ours is the "find a suitor," where three unsuspecting members of the crowd are selected to answer questions from the Mayor of Frontierland's less-than-handsome daughter (played by a man). It's an amusing diversion when you want a break from big rides. But it won’t erase memories of Billy Hill, whose genius can be relived through their album The Billys—Live!, on Amazon and iTunes.

Touring Tips

The Golden Horseshoe has first-come, first-serve seating. The showtimes are in the Times Guide as well as our Disneyland Lines app, and we recommend arriving 30 minutes early if you want to find a table and grab some grub. Food service can be slow; look for the shortest of the open service lines, usually on the far left. Absurdly oversized safety railings now ruin sight lines from the balcony (curse you, OSHA!) so the best view is from the floor front and center, but Walt liked the opera box seats best.

Special Comments

Zany show; food is available

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