This attraction's final day of operation was November 2, 2014.
The information below is provided for historical reference.

Description And Comments

Since it debuted in 2005, Remember has been the go-to fireworks show in between seasonal varieties and a particular favorite among locals. The show runs the full gamut of special effects: a rousing score, spectacular firework effects, castle lighting, lasers, and an impressive flight from the fairy Tinker Bell. Julie Andrews narrates this pyrotechnic tribute to classic Disneyland attractions—featuring a pirate cannon assault on Sleeping Beauty Castle and audio from Adventure Thru Inner Space—with music from Walt Disney World's popular Wishes fireworks. We rate this show as five stars and not-to-be missed.

Touring Tips

Without a doubt, the central hub is the best vantage point for watching Remember Dreams Come True. Unfortunately, every guest in the park won't fit in the hub at the same time. The next-best positions are at any open (that is, not canopied by trees) spots facing Sleeping Beauty Castle. We've stood between the castle and the Matterhorn, for example, and found the view just gorgeous. If those spots are taken, try any open spot without something really big, such as a Disney mountain, in the way. Concerning the latter, you'll be able to see the fireworks fine but will miss Tinker Bell.

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