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    Together Forever – A Pixar Nighttime Spectacular

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This attraction's final day of operation was September 3, 2018.
The information below is provided for historical reference.

Description And Comments

Together Forever is Disneyland's fireworks spectacular. The show runs the full gamut of special effects: a rousing score (made up completely of music from Pixar's films), spectacular firework effects, castle lighting, lasers, and an impressive flight from Buzz Lightyear and the balloon house from Up. We rate this show as five stars and not-to-be missed.

A major feature of Disneyland fireworks shows are the immersive projections mapped onto Sleeping Beauty Castle, the Main Street buildings, the facade of 'it's a small world' and mist screens on the Rivers of America, creating amazing visual effects. Digital imagery paints landmarks around the park, transforming them into scenes from Pixar films, including Toy Story, Coco, Monster's Inc., and more. Via the projections, Main Street buildings may star field during the Wall-E segment, or look like they’re submerged in water during the Finding Nemo segment. It’s a beautiful effect that works well.

Together Forever is a fantastic finale to your day in the park, particularly if you can see it from the proper perspective (see below).

Touring Tips

We rate this show as “not to-be missed,” but seeing it poses some serious challenges that you should be aware of.

Without a doubt, the area around the central hub is the best vantage point for watching Together Forever. For the most immersive impression from the projection mapping effects, you’ll want to be standing in the middle of Main Street, from the Carnation Café up to the Refreshment Corner. Get too close to the castle and you’ll have to turn around to see the animated shopfronts; stand in Town Square at the flagpole or train station, and the castle projections will be just postage stamps.

Luckily, Together Forever was designed to be seen from multiple places around the park, even if none of the secondary watching spots are as good as Main Street. That’s good for locals who can experience repeated viewings, but tourists with only one chance to see the show will have to decide whether to prioritize a comfortable viewing experience over aesthetic quality.

The same projections displayed along Main Street, but on a smaller scale, can be seen when viewing the fireworks in front of 'it's a small world.' You can face the attraction façade, then turn around to catch the Matterhorn effects. You'll be missing out on the bevy of fireworks and flames that shoot out of Sleeping Beauty Castle. But 'it's a small world' will be your best option if Main Street is full.

Your third option is viewing from the Rivers of America. Fireworks similar to those launched around the castle are shot from Tom Sawyer Island, and projections are mapped on to the mist screens used in Fantasmic!, but they're not as sharp as the ones projected on to the other two locations. You’ll also miss most or all of the flames and flying figures. The benefit of viewing from the Rivers of America is that, if you have a FASTPASS for the first showing of Fantasmic!, you can stay in your spot (seated even, if in the right section) through the fireworks. Though you get the least impressive view from here, it’s the least stressful way of experiencing Together Forever, and can be very enjoyable you haven’t already seen it from a better location.

Finally, be forewarned that the Together Forever fireworks may be canceled for safety reasons with only a few minutes notice if there are stiff winds at upper altitudes, even if the air at ground level seems calm. During one of our week-long visits, the fireworks were nixed a full 40% of the time, which is a fairly frustrating percentage; you’ve never hear a collective groan like 50,000 people learning they’ve waited for nothing. For this reason, we don’t recommend you build your night around the fireworks – as wondrous as they are – if you only have one night at the resort.

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