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    The Walt Disney Story

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This attraction's final day of operation was February 20, 2005.
The information below is provided for historical reference.

Description And Comments

A warm, well-presented remembrance of the man who started it all. Well worth seeing; especially touching for those old enough to remember Walt Disney himself. The attraction consists of a museum of Disney memorabilia, including a re-creation of Walt's office. Especially interesting are displays illustrating the construction and evolution of Disneyland. Beyond the Disney memorabilia, guests are admitted to a large theater where Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln is presented. A patriotic performance, Great Moments features an extremely lifelike and sophisticated audio-animatronic Abe Lincoln delivering the Gettysburg Address.

The Walt Disney Story and Mr. Lincoln were pulled out of the lineup for half of 2001, supposedly for a substantial revision and upgrade. Unfortunately, Walt and Abe were caught in a corporate Disney budget cut and some of the more ambitious plans for the attraction were scrapped. There's a lot of new Disney memorabilia in the new rendition, and the set surrounding Mr. Lincoln has been improved. In the revised presentation, Civil War photographer Mathew Brady photographs a young Union private before he goes to war. After the shoot, Brady takes the soldier along for an appointment with Lincoln. The presentation is primarily auditory. Wireless earphones make the story unfold three-dimensionally around you. Sounds of scissors, a fly, and Lincoln whispering in your ear are reproduced so realistically that it's almost impossible to differentiate from the real thing. Following the story of Brady, Lincoln, and the private, an audio-animatronic Lincoln delivers the Gettysburg Address.

Touring Tips

You usually do not have to wait long for this show, so see it during the busy times of day when lines are long elsewhere or as you are leaving the park.

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