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In their eponymous Disney Channel show, Phineas and Ferb have a pet platypus named Perry. In the presence of humans, Perry doesn’t do a whole lot. (To be fair, we’re not experts on typical platypus behavior, but read on.) When the kids aren’t looking, though, Perry takes on the role of Agent P — a fedora-wearing, James Bond–esque secret agent who battles the evil Dr. Doofenshmirtz to prevent world domination (or at least domination of the tristate area in which the show is based).

In Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure, you’re a secret agent helping Perry, and you receive a cell phone–like device before you’re dispatched on a mission to your choice of seven World Showcase pavilions. (You can also use your own mobile device.) Once you arrive at the pavilion, the device’s video screen and audio provide various clues to help you solve a set of simple puzzles necessary for defeating Doofenshmirtz’s plan. As you discover each clue, you’ll find special effects such as talking statues and flaming lanterns, plus live “secret agents” stationed in the pavilions just for this attraction. For example, in a prior version of the game you were instructed to utter the phrase “Danger is my cup of tea” to someone working behind the counter at the United Kingdom’s tea shop; he or she would respond by handing you a Twinings tea packet on which was printed a clue to solve a puzzle.

Agent P makes static World Showcase pavilions more interactive and kid-friendly. The adventures have simple clues, fast pacing, and neat rewards for solving the puzzles. Len’s teenage daughter, Hannah, will happily spend an entire afternoon in World Showcase playing this game and drinking Japanese sodas. Don’t be surprised if, having completed one pavilion’s adventure, your child wants to do the same.

Touring Tips

Playing the game is free, and no deposit is required for the device. You’ll need a valid theme park ticket to sign up before you play, and you can choose both the time and location of your adventure. Register at the Italy or Norway Pavilions, International Gateway (near the UK Pavilion), or the east side of the main walkway from Future World to World Showcase.

If you choose not o use your own cell phone, each group can have up to three devices for the same adventure. Because you’re working with a device about the size of a cell phone, it’s best to have one device for every two people in your group.

A Tucker, Georgia, mother of a 7-year-old is a fan:

My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure. The interactivity was clever and exciting, plus NO LINES!

A Granger, Indiana, mom discovered a practical dimension to Agent P:

A great activity if it’s raining: Do the adventure in Mexico. It’s all inside, and by the time you’re done, the rain usually is, too.

A Massillon, Ohio, mom was surprised at how long it took to play:

At Epcot, our 9- and 6-year-olds really enjoyed the Agent P mission, but it took way longer than the 25 minutes we were told (at least for the UK, the country we chose). It ended up being fine, but people should be aware.

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