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Attached to the fountain side of Innoventions West is a retail space and soda fountain called Club Cool. It doesn't look like much, but inside, this Coca-Cola sponsored exhibit provides free unlimited samples of soft drinks from around the world. Some of the selections will taste like medicine to an American, but others will please. Because it's centrally located in Future World, it makes a good meeting or break place, and you can slake your thirst while you wait for the rest of your party.

Touring Tips

Club Cool can get crowded, and you may need to wait behind a person or two to get soda during busier times. However, there is not much to do here, so people do not usually spend more than a few minutes inside. Do not expect to go in here to fill a large cup with free soda; the machines dispense only an ounce or two at a time. Also watch out for sticky floors.

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