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This interactive educational exhibit mixes fiction from the movie Jurassic Park, such as using fossil DNA to bring dinosaurs to life, with skeletal remains and other paleontological displays. The best exhibit here lets guests watch an animatronic raptor being hatched, with a young witness getting to name the newborn. You never know quite when one will emerge, but ask an attendant if you should stick around. Other exhibits allow you to digitally "fuse" your DNA with a dinosaur's to see what the resultant creature would look like, play a cheesy game show with dino trivia, or "be a saurus" by seeing through the eyes of a life-sized animatronic (if they happen to be working).

Touring Tips

Usually opens later than the rest of the park and may close earlier as well; typical hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tour after seeing the park's major rides and attractions, or on your second day in the park. Most folks can digest this exhibit in 10-15 minutes. Behind the Discover Center is a gorgeous waterfront terrace where you can get away from the crowds – at least when it isn't being used for a special event or Hogsmeade holding area.

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