Description And Comments

Far and away the most intriguing street performer is the one you can't see--at least not at first. Bedecked in foliage and luxuriant vines, she blends so completely with Animal Kingdom’s dense flora that you don’t notice her until she moves. We’ve seen guests standing less than a foot away gasp in amazement as DiVine brushes them with a leafy tendril. Usually found on the path between Asia and Africa, DiVine is a must-see.

Touring Tips

Usually found on the pathway between Africa and Asia (although she's occasionally in The Oasis), Divine is a must-see. If you don't encounter her, ask a cast member when and where she can be found.

Performances last 20 minutes, but this is not an attraction where you need to secure a viewing spot before showtime and stay for the entire show. Instead, plan to visit during one of the scheduled performance windows and watch for as long as you'd like.

Touring Plans with Divine

What is a Touring Plan?