Here we list the basic descriptions -- or "what is is" -- each attraction at Disney's Blizzard Beach:

Disney's Blizzard Beach What it is
Attraction What It Is
Chair Lift Ski-chair lift to the top of the mountain
Cross Country Creek Long, slow-flowing lazy river ride
Downhill Double Dipper Side-by-side tube racing slides
Melt-Away Bay Wave Pool Wave pool
Runoff Rapids Corkscrew tube slides
Ski Patrol Training Camp Good practice for the big rides
Slush Gusher Fast water slide
Snowstormers Mat-slide flumes; moderately fast
Summit Plummet Extreme water slide
Teamboat Springs Whitewater group raft ride
Tike's Peak A miniature version of Blizzard Beach, for small children
Toboggan Racers Another mat-slide flume

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