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Unofficial Guide to Disneyland 2017

Below are the latest updates we have for the print book.

Disney California Adventure - Hollywoodland

P. 291 Frozen - Live at the Hyperion no longer offers FASTPASS for any shows, but they may be distributed on days where the park sees high attendance. If you're visiting the park and want to see Frozen, we recommend sending a member of your party to check and see if Frozen FASTPASSes are being offered that day. Or ask a guest relations cast member near the entrance of the park.

Unofficial Guide to Disneyland 2016

Below are the latest updates we have for the print book.

Disneyland Resort: An Overview

P. 9 Added information on the location of the upcoming Star Wars-themed land:

  • “Finally, a huge new Star Wars-themed land is currently under construction on 14 acres of former backstage areas behind Critter Country and Frontierland, making it the biggest expansion in Disneyland Park’s history.”
  • Gathering Information

    P. 19 Added information about the ability to buy tickets in Disney's official cellphone app:

  • You can also now purchase single and multi-day tickets through your smartphone using the Disneyland app (see above), though these passes don’t include any discounts.
  • P. 20 Updated Disneyland Resort ticket tiers and prices. See our Disneyland Resort Ticket page for current prices.

    Part 1 - Planning Before You Leave Home

    Several attractions are closed due to Star Wars land construction. This text was added to the book to reflect that:

  • In particular, visitors to Disneyland during 2016 and early 2017 will find large swaths of of the park, including all of Frontierland’s Rivers of America attractions and the Disneyland Railroad, shut down to prepare for Star Wars expansions.
  • P 24 In the Timing Your Visit section. Updates on Disneyland being busier than usual.

  • In both the fall of 2015 and late winter/spring of 2016, crowds at both parks far surpassed the attendance of previous years. A New Orleans couple describes their experience:
    "Everything we read led us to believe October after Columbus day and before Halloween week would be relatively less crowded. Nothing prepared us for the crowds we experienced. I may not have understood the crowd estimates, but barely being able to move was not what I expected."
    The basic rule of thumb is that Disneyland is more crowded when school is out and less crowded when kids are in school. However, Disney has become increasingly adept at loading slow periods of the year with special events, conventions, food festivals and the like. Discounts on rooms, variable pricing for single-day tickets, and annual passholder blockouts also figure in. In the fall of 2015 we thought the large crowds were an anomaly, but they persisted into winter and spring. The bottom line is that Disneyland can be packed at any time, and that you need to dig a little deeper than merely the time of year to pinpoint the least crowded periods. Other factors affecting crowding and long lines include a combination of closed rides and an improving U.S. economy. As a result, we’ve added more data about ride closures and economic indicators to our crowd level forecasts.
  • P 28. In Getting There section, expanded on the ways to drive to Disneyland:

  • “While many Disneyland visitors hail from California and drive to the resort area, if you are flying in from across the country (or globe) you have three options for your arrival airport. With domestic and international service from nearly every airline known to man, Los Angeles Airport (LAX) is one of the largest and busiest in the world, and one of the more frustrating to navigate. LAX also located 34 miles west of Anaheim, a 45 minute drive along the busy I-105 and I-55 freeways at the best of times, or an hour and a half or more in typical terrible traffic. Unless you are starting or ending your Disneyland vacation with a visit to Hollywood, we recommend looking at flights into John Wayne Airport (SNA) or Long Beach Airport (LGB), both of which are significantly calmer and closer to Disneyland. John Wayne (also known as Orange County Airport) is only 14 miles south east Disneyland on the CA-55 and I-5, and is serviced by Alaska, American, Delta, Frontier, Southwest, United and WestJet airlines. Long Beach (our personal favorite airline), is 24 miles west of Disneyland, but can be reached using surface streets, making it the shortest drive when the highways are halted. Long Beach is only serviced by American, Delta, Jetblue, and Southwest, but it boasts the most painless on-site rental car return and security screening we’ve ever experienced; going from the airport parking lot to sitting at your departure gate usually takes about 15 minutes.
  • P. 31 Updated Disneyland Resort parking prices. $18 for cars and motorcycles, $23 for RVs and oversize vehicles without trailers, and $28 for buses and tractors with extended trailers. Also updated Downtown Disney parking prices: Free for 2 hours. Additional half-hours cost $6 each up to a $36 daily maximum.

    P. 37 Parking prices have increased at Disneyland Resort hotels: $18 per night for self-parking, $28 per night for valet.

    P. 69 What to expect from Disneyland Resort's new security procedures:

  • In addition to having your bags inspected, security may randomly select you for an additional screenings, instituted in the wake of the 2015 Paris terrorist attacks. Lucky guests get to empty their pockets and step through a metal detector or scanned with a hand-held wand. Try to think of as your first attraction of the day: Disney’s authentic simulation of the TSA airport experience.
  • P. 79 Changed text to reflect Disneyland's current opening procedure:

  • If you are admitted before the official opening time, you will usually be confined in a small section of the park until the official opening time. On Magic Mornings (Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays), eligible guests are admitted through designated turnstiles one hour before official opening, and may proceed directly to Fantasyland and Tomorrowland where select attractions will be operating. All other guests will be admitted later in the hour through the remaining turnstiles, and held at the central Hub until the official opening time.
  • P. 85 Updated FastPass+ text with the latest information on possible changes:

  • The rocky implementation of FastPass+ in Orlando sparked significant controversy, and no time line for its transfer to Anaheim has been officially announced yet. However, our Lines app is ready to address any impact to your touring plans once FastPass+ arrives on the West Coast.” with “No time line for FastPass+’s transfer to Anaheim has been officially announced yet, but recent rumors suggest it will arrive without Orlando’s MagicBands or advance scheduling. Instead, Disneyland guests will use their smartphone or in-park kiosks to scan their admission ticket and make same-day attractions reservations, much like the current FastPass system but without paper tickets. However and whenever it is implemented, our Lines app is ready to address any impact to your touring plans once FastPass+ arrives on the West Coast.
  • Part 5 - Disneyland Park

    P. 269 Added Disneyland Park One-Day Touring Plan for Adults with Small Children

    Part 6 - Disney California Adventure

    P. 282 It's a bit easier to see Anna & Elsa, FastPass is no longer required to meet the sisters:

  • In a sure sign that Frozen Fever is cooling off, this meet and greet has gone from requiring FastPass-only in order to manage the maddening crowds, to ditching FastPass entirely and still drawing queue of under an hour. Even with the drop-off in demand, the line here isn’t particularly efficient, so if your party would like to meet the sisters you should schedule it early in the day or shortly before closing.
  • Part 7 - Universal Studios Hollywood

    P. 315 We recap Universal's huge multi-year expansion:

  • On April 7, 2016, Universal Studios Hollywood capped a half-decade of redevelopment with the grand opening of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, a West Coast annex of the wildly popular Hogsmeade area originally found at Orlando’s Islands of Adventure. The parapets of Hogwarts Castle that now tower over the Upper Lot, forming a beacon visible for miles around, are merely the most visible effect of Universal’s ambitious ‘Evolution’ expansion plan, which has seen three-quarters of the park completely overhauled in only five years. Casualties of the expansions have included the old Wild West arena, Terminator 2/3-D, the tram tour’s Mummy tunnel, the Curious George playground, and Gibson Amphitheater, with the Special Effects Stage and WaterWorld show (a possible future site for Hollywood’s Diagon Alley) still potentially on the chopping block. But the extreme makeover has brought USH a beautiful new Art Deco entry corridor and central plaza, upgraded points of interest along the tram tour, and the global attention that comes with the Wizarding World. Universal isn’t stopping there in their bid to attract Disneyland guests who’ve grown weary waiting for the Mouse to add new E-Tickets; two new Universal Studios Hollywood on-site hotels have been proposed, and additional attractions are in the works on both the Upper and Lower Lots.
  • P. 319 Updated Universal Studios Hollywood ticket prices and tiers:

  • Their new ticket system, dubbed ‘EZ Rez,’ strongly encourages guests to select the date of their visit in advance, in exchange for a discount and one hour of early park admission to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. One-day adult tickets are available for $115 at the gate, but can be purchased online for as low as $90 if you select your visit date in advance. Tickets for kids 3-9 cost $6 less than adult tickets; children 2 and under are free.
  • Last updated by Guy Selga on February 16, 2017

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