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Staged at the Tomorrowland Terrace, Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple (known as Jedi Training Academy prior to a 2015 re-branding) recruits about 30 young volunteers and trains them to fight with a lightsaber (an elegant, if plastic, weapon). The training consists of practicing a surprisingly-long set of fencing-styles "moves," while the audience gets to enjoy the minimal comprehension by some of the youngest Jedis. Just when the training ends, villains arrive with a couple of Stormtroopers, and the young recruits meet them in "battle," with each Jedi getting his or her turn to take a whack at a Darth. The whole thing lasts about 25 minutes. It's a great photo op for parents and a major hoot for everyone else. For a London, England, mother, Jedi boot camp was a highlight of the trip:

My 8-year-old son literally cried with joy after participating in the Jedi Experience in Tomorrowland.

The show was updated in 2016 with a new ending, where a Jedi apprentice faces off against Kylo Ren from The Force Awakens. The updated finale lacks the acrobatics of the old Darth Maul version, but Ren gets a rise out of the audience with his lightsaber temper tantrums.

Touring Tips

There are two prime viewing locations: standing room on the show floor underneath the overhang, and seating at the Terrace counter service restaurant. There are only 10-20 tables with decent views of the show, so make sure to stake them out early. Otherwise, there is plenty of standing room space around the sides of the stage.

Instead of the old system where volunteers were haphazardly selected at showtime, Disneyland now requires you to register your child in advance if they want to participate in Jedi Training. Sign-up is at the entrance to Star Wars Launch Bay, and begins at the park’s official opening time, though guests begin lining up as soon as early entry begins. Arrive as early as possible if your padawan wants their midi-chlorians tested, because all spots typically fill up in well under an hour.

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