Currently closed. Re-opening Summer 2017

Description And Comments

The Columbia is a stunning replica of a threemasted 18th-century merchant ship. Both its above- and belowdecks are open to visitors, with belowdecks outfitted to depict the life and work environment of the ship’s crew in 1787. The Columbia operates only on busier days and runs the same route as the canoes and the riverboat. As with the other rivercraft, the Columbia suspends operations at sunset.

The above re-opening date is an estimation based on the limited information Disney has provided. It will be updated along with our Disneyland Crowd Calendar numbers as soon as Disney announces a firm date.

Much like the Mark Twain, the Sailing Ship Columbia is moored near the Harbour Galley restaurant until sometime in early 2017, when the Rivers of America reconstruction wraps up. On peak days, the ship may still be open to explore.

Touring Tips

The Columbia, like the Mark Twain Riverboat, provides a short-wait, high-carrying-capacity alternative for cruising the Rivers of America. We found the beautifully crafted Columbia by far the most aesthetically pleasing and historically interesting of any of the three choices of boat rides on the Rivers of America.

If you have time to be choosy, ride aboard the Columbia. After boarding, while waiting for the cruise to begin, tour below deck. Once the ride begins, come topside and stroll the deck, taking in the beauty and complexity of the rigging.

The Columbia does not usually require a long wait, which makes it a good bet during the crowded afternoon hours.

Special Comments

Operates on weekends and during busy seasons; a stunning piece of workmanship.

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