Formerly a walk-through back lot movie set, Streets of America is now a designated themed area that is home to four attractions. The street sets remain intact and serve as the primary pedestrian thoroughfare.


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The Street of America building facades here use a cinematic trick known as forced perspective, and it's also used throughout Walt Disney world. Forced perspective is the design pattern that gives buildings the appearance of greater height and scale. It is why the castle looks so grand and Everest looks so tall. In the Backlot area, it allows the designers to fit in the New York or San Francisco skylines in such a small space.

Playing with scale is also a feature of the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Movie Set Adventure. Realizing there wasn't enough to do for small children, the Imagineers worked in record time to design and fabricate the attraction. This type of stage area is an example of another cinematic trick used in Disney films.

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