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    Camp Jurassic

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Description And Comments

Camp Jurassic is the most elaborate kid's play area at Universal, and one of the best theme park playground you'll find anywhere. A sort of dinosaur-themed Tom Sawyer Island (minus the rafts), it allows kids to explore lava pits, caves, mines, and a rainforest. Explore and you'll find an echo cavern, bat caves, amber-bound bugs, and dilophosaurus heads that double as water blasters. The playground is big enough for many kids to spend a solid hour just running around. You may end up having to go into Camp Jurassic just to get the little nippers out, if you can find them.

A parent from Rigby, Indiana, wrote in praise of the playground:

For kids up to age 11 (depending on size and maturity), Camp Jurassic is an absolutely WONDERFUL experience!! This truly was the highlight of the entire trip, whether Disney or Universal. It was hilarious to see the 4 year old enjoying shooting BIG water cannons at people...and his utter incredulity when they started shooting back!! The (very!) high rope bridges were adventurous yet safe for all ages. The caves, hidden places and twisting paths added mystery to the experience. If you've got kids 10 and under, this is the place to let the kids go crazy, as they can safely experience everything. The only place really comparable in Disney World is The Boneyard in Animal Kingdom...and Camp Jurassic way outclasses the Boneyard.

Most of CJ is accessible to wheelchairs, excepting the ropes and higher platforms--that was very much appreciated. Even the cave paths were navigable for a powered scooter. Very few sitting spots inside CJ, so adults may want to take along a small sitting stool or wait outside in the nice, mostly-shady sitting area at CJ's front entrance, and many adults waited there as their kids played. However, there are a couple of hard-to-find-but-there ways in/out, and if your child is easily disoriented, younger, or prone to panic if they lose their adults, they may need an adult to stay with them within CJ.

Touring Tips

Camp Jurassic will fire the imaginations of the under-13 set—if you don’t impose a time limit on the exploration, you could be here awhile. The confusing layout intersects the queuing area for Pteranodon Flyers. It's easy for kids and parents to get disoriented. If you think your children may get lost, you may end up having to climb, crawl, and slide along with them. Your chiropractor will thank you.

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