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In the first incarnation of this story, the Greek gods Poseidon and Zeus duked it out, with Poseidon as the heavy. Poseidon fought with water, and Zeus fought with fire, though both sometimes resorted to lasers and smoke machines. In the current incarnation, the rehabilitated Poseidon now tussles with an evil wizardish guy--named Lord Darkenon, of all things--and they fight with fire, water, lasers, and smoke machines.

As you might have inferred, the story is somewhat incoherent, but the special effects are still amazing, as is the theming of the preshow area. The plot unfolds in installments as you pass through a couple of antechambers and finally into the main theater. Though the production plods a bit at first, it wraps up with quite an impressive flourish. Poseidon is far and away the best of the Islands of Adventure theater attractions (it only has to compete with Sindbad).

Touring Tips

Catch Poseidon after getting your fill of the rides. The attraction opens 1 or more hours after the rest of the park (usually at 10 a.m.) and closes 30 minutes or more before park closing. Check the daily entertainment schedule for the hours that the show is operating.

If you're still wet from Dudley Do-Right, the Bilge-Rat Barges, or the Jurassic Park River Adventure, you might be tempted to cheer the evil wizard's flame jets in hopes of finally drying out. Our money, however, is on Poseidon--it's legal in Florida for theme parks to get guests wet, but setting them on fire is frowned upon.

While most of the action takes place on movie screens, Poseidon's Fury can frighten many small children. The entire theater is thrown into total darkness many times during the show, and many of the special effects involve fire, loud noises and flashing lights.

As impressive as the facade of Poseidon's Fury is, this Massachusetts mom of a family of four thinks the attraction itself is a letdown:

The one ride we all wished we'd skipped was Poseidon's Fury. The posted wait time was 10 minutes--after waiting for 30 minutes, we were ushered into a series of rooms with no chairs to watch a set of poorly executed special effects. I'm 5 feet tall and saw none of it since everyone was standing and the floor was poorly slanted. At the end, we were all tired and we wanted to go home.

Poseidon's Fury Wait Times

This chart shows you roughly how long you'll wait for Poseidon's Fury when you visit on a day with a given Universal's Islands of Adventure Crowd Level. The blue bars represent the average "peak" wait time (that is, how long the line will at its busiest). The bottom and top black lines represent the range of peak wait times to expect (for you fellow nerds out there: it's the 5th percentile and 95th percentile of peak wait times). Please note that these are estimates, and for a better forecast for your travel dates, see Poseidon's Fury Wait Times.

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Audience stands throughout.

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