This attraction's final day of operation was February 11, 2011.
The information below is provided for historical reference.

Description And Comments

Mickey's Country House is the starting point of a self-guided tour through the famous mouse's house, into his backyard, and past Pluto's doghouse. If you want to tour Mickey's house, but skip meeting Mickey, you'll find an exit just before entering his tent.

Touring Tips

Discerning observers will see immediately that Mickey's Country House is a cleverly devised queuing area for delivering guests to Mickey's Judge's Tent for the Mouse Encounter. It also heightens anticipation by revealing the corporate symbol on a more personal level. Mickey's Country House is well conceived and contains a lot of Disney memorabilia. Children touch everything as they proceed through the house, hoping to find some artifact not welded into the set. (An especially tenacious child actually ripped a couple of books from a bookcase.)

Meeting Mickey and touring his house are best done during the first hour Mickey's Toontown Fair is open, or in the evening. If meeting the great mouse is your child's priority, you can be certain of finding Mickey here. Some children are so obsessed with seeing Mickey that they can't enjoy anything else until they have him in the rearview mirror.

Special Needs