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Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom is a free interactive adventure game played throughout the park. It combines aspects of role-based games such as Dungeons and Dragons, with Disney characters and theme park attractions.

In the game, you help the wizard Merlin to keep evil villains from taking over the Magic Kingdom. Merlin sends you on adventures to different parts of the park to fight these villains.

Each land in the park hosts a different adventure within the game, with different villains in each adventure.

The game is played with a set of trading cards—similar to baseball cards or Magic: The Gathering cards—with a different Disney character on each card. Each character possesses special properties that help it fight certain villains. Pick up the cards (free), plus a map showing where in the park you can play the game, at the Fire Station on Main Street, U.S.A. You’ll need your park ticket to pick up your first set of cards and start the game. One card, known as your “key,” is special because it links you to your game. You'll need to present your key card when you pick up a set of cards to start your next adventure.

When you pick up your first set of cards, you’ll view an instructional video explaining how to use them and the object of the game. Then you’ll be sent to another location to start your first adventure. Each location in the park is associated with a unique symbol: an eye, a feather, a dragonfly, or something along those lines. Look for these symbols on the map to find the best route to your starting point.

Each adventure consists of four or five stops in a particular land. At each stop, another story will play on a computer screen, outlining what your villain is trying to do. Merlin will ask you to cast a spell, using your character cards, to stop the villain. Hold one or more of your cards up to the video display to cast your spell. Cameras in the display read your card, deploy the spell, and show you the results.

The game has three levels: easy, medium, and hard. The easy version is the default and is appropriate for small children; holding up any one of your character cards is enough to defeat any villain. In more-advanced levels of the game, you need to display two or more character cards in specific combinations to defeat a particular villain. Different card combinations produce different spells, and only some spells work on certain characters in those advanced levels.

The audio at each step holds clues to which cards you should use against advanced villains. For example, if a villain says something like “Don’t toy with me!” then you should look for cards with characters that are toys, such as the Toy Story characters; references to “being spotted” suggest using cards with characters from 101 Dalmatians; and so on.

The game launched with an initial series of around 70 unique cards; you can obtain 5 new ones per day. Don’t worry if you play more than once and end up with duplicate cards—a brisk trading market exists within the park, and it’s fairly easy to find someone to trade with. Disney plans to issue new card series over time.

Touring Tips

To start the game, visit the two recruitment center at the Fire Station on Main Street to Pick-up the Sorcerer Spell Cards required.

Sorcerers is fun and was immediately popular with guests. You’ll probably encounter a line of 5–10 people ahead of you at each portal, especially if you play during the afternoon. One complete adventure should take about 30–60 minutes to play, depending on how crowded the park is. If the line to pick up cards is too long at the Main Street Fire Station, try the Liberty Square distribution point.

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