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    Big Band Beat

Description And Comments

Big Band Beat is Tokyo DisneySea's Broadway-style musical revue stage show. We love it, and consider it a must see. It’s simply the best stage show ever produced for a theme park, and even if you’re not in to that sort of thing you should give it a chance. Unlike most other live entertainment in TDR, Big Band Beat doesn’t rely too heavily on characters. But it does have live music by an excellent band, a large cast of talented performers and show stopping ending where Mickey Mouse plays the drums and tap dances.

Big Band Beat uses a free ticket lottery system to guarantee entry. Lottery ticket distribution is located near Gondolier Snacks in Mediterranean Harbor. To enter, walk up to an available kiosk and input your party size. You'll then scan all of your party's tickets. Now here’s where the lottery portion of the deal comes in, the screen will then tell you if you’ve “won” or not. If you win, a ticket will be printed out with your seat number and show time. If you don’t win you will not be able to enter the ticket lottery again for that day. It's heartbreaking when you lose, but thrilling when you win.

Touring Tips

Big Band Beat is an extremely popular show. Guests wait multiple hours to guarantee a seat in the limited first-come-first-serve seating area. If you did not win the lottery, you;ll need to wait for these seats. We recommend getting in line at least 90 minutes before show time. You will see a queue roped off in front of the Broadway Theater, that is the stand-by line.

How's It Different From the Walt Disney World and Disneyland Versions?

Big Band Beat is exclusive to Tokyo DisneySea.

Is it English Friendly?

The entire show is in English.

NOTE: There is absolutely no photography or video recording allowed during Big Band Beat. Cast members are very strict with this rule. Any video or pictures seen on this page were taken during a private media event, with permission from the park staff.

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