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Disney World Crowd Calendar

Our Crowd Calendar shows how busy each Disney theme park is every day of your trip, on a simple 1-to-10 scale. Using our crowd calendar, you'll be able to plan which park to visit each day to avoid crowds. You'll also see:

  • Each park's opening and closing times
  • Any special events that might affect your visit

We're so confident in our crowd predictions that we show yesterday's results – our predictions and what actually happened – in the How We Did section of the page for everyone to see.

If you're trying to decide when to visit Walt Disney World, the Crowd Calendar will show you how busy Disney is across different weeks, months and seasons.

Live Crowd Calendar Example
Sep 302023Saturday
8:30a/ 9a-10p
8:30a/ 9a-9p
8:30a/ 9a-9p /11p
7:30a/ 8a-7p
Overall Resort: 6 - Average Crowds
Oct 12023Sunday
7:30a/ 8a-6p
8:30a/ 9a-9p
8:30a/ 9a-9p
7:30a/ 8a-7p
Overall Resort: 5 - Average Crowds

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Save up to 4 hours in line!

Our touring plans are customizable, step-by-step guides for seeing Disney World’s best attractions and minimizing your wait in line. These plans - and the amazing technology behind them – have been featured in the New York Times,, Popular Science, USA Today, The San Francisco Chronicle, and many more news outlets. We even got a U.S. patent for the technology!

Our touring plans will save you up to 4 hours in line versus families without a plan. 4 hours every day!

To get you started, we've created more than 150 touring plan templates covering Disney theme parks and water parks, for every kind of family. Every plan can be customized with:

  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner reservations
  • Mid-day breaks for naps and rest
  • Ride reservations (when available)
  • Character autographs and photos (when available)
  • and more

When you're in the parks, you can follow your touring plan on your mobile phone. You can even have our app update your plan during the day if crowd conditions change. It's like having a GPS for Walt Disney World!

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Save $21 to $98 on your Walt Disney World tickets right now

Disney World sells more than 160 different kinds of admission tickets. That makes it difficult to find the least expensive way to see everything you want. If you've got kids under age 10, you'll probably have about a dozen different ticket options to consider for your family.

Trying to save money on Disney tickets? The good news is that there are Disney-authorized ticket wholesalers that sell Disney World tickets, some at a deep discount. The bad news is that you have to shop around. So that dozen ticket options that had to look at? It's probably closer to 80 now.

Overwhelmed? Don't give up. Our Ticket Calculator will find you the best deals. Try it out – it's free! You'll be saving money in seconds.

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Walt Disney World Tickets and Menus

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Know More at Walt Disney World Resort

Along with these trip planning tools, we've got hundreds of pages of travel advice including detailed ride reviews and on-board video, candid dining reviews from a professional chef, up-to-date, searchable menus and prices from every Disney restaurant, and Lines, our smartphone app rated #1 for Disney World in both iTunes and Google Play.

One of the first decisions you’ll have when booking a Disney World hotel room is which view to select. If you’re staying at the Yacht Club, for example, do any Garden or Woods View rooms have a view of the Stormalong Bay lazy river? If you’re on the monorail loop, does a Magic Kingdom View really improve your chances of seeing the fireworks? Is Savanna View at the Animal Kingdom Lodge worth the money?

To help you decide, we’ve taken pictures of what you’ll see from the windows of Disney World hotel rooms – more than 30,000 individual photos. And they're all available here!

Why is choosing a room important? For one thing, you’re paying a premium to stay on-site. So consider these two photos, each of which is a room view you could get at random if you just let Disney make the decision for you. Don't leave your room view to chance. Find a great room and request it from Disney.

9106 home

Why request a specific room from Disney? At Disney's All Star Sports Resort, it may mean the difference between Room 9106 (above), and Room 9306 (below) — just two floors above.

9306 home

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