This attraction's final day of operation was September 27, 2008.
The information below is provided for historical reference.

Description And Comments

This show featuring Pocahontas addresses the role of man in protecting the natural world. Various live creatures of the forest, including a raccoon, a snake, and a turkey, as well as a couple of audio-animatronic trees (Grandmother Willow and Twig), assist Pocahontas in making the point. The presentation is gushy and overacted but has its moments nonetheless.

However, as a Michigan reader reports, Pocahontas is not in the same league as Festival of the Lion King:

Festival of the Lion King was a wonderful show. Unfortunately, we saw it just before seeing the Pocahontas show. It put Pocahontas to shame. Instead of being moved by the show's message, I wondered how much kindling Grandmother Willow would make.

Touring Tips

Disney usually starts midday Pocahontas shows a few minutes after Festival of the Lion King finishes. Check the daily entertainment schedule to see if there's a Pocahontas performance about 40 minutes after a Lion King show. If so, see Lion King first, and you should be directed to Pocahontas by Disney cast members when you're done.

Special Comments

Performance times are listed in the daily entertainment schedule/Times Guide.

Disney Dish with Jim Hill


Ever since Animal Kingdom opened back in April 1998, rumors have been circulating that this dud of a show will be scrapped to make room for a far more ambitious ride, land, or attraction. But the proposed replacement project falls through every time, leaving the Native American princess once again free to frolic with her animal pals. You've gotta wonder who within the Walt Disney organization is a huge Pocahontas fan. Does Bob Iger have a soft spot for "Colors of the Wind," perhaps?