Description And Comments

Sum of All Thrills is a design-your-own-rollercoaster simulator in which you use a computer program to specify the drops, curves, and loops of a coaster track before boarding an industrial robotic arm to experience your creation. Three vehicle options are available: bobsled, roller coaster, and jet aircraft. It’s possible to program actual loops into both the coaster and jet courses, and the robot arm will swing you upside down.

In addition to the vehicle, you select the kinds of turns, loops, and hills in your track design. Choices range from mild, broad curves to extreme multiple-loop inversions. Using computer-design tools, you can further customize these components by changing the height and width of each piece as you go. This customization makes it easy to ride Sum of All Thrills many times without experiencing the same track twice. A New Jersey couple thinks Sum of All Thrills is simply awesome:

Sum of All Thrills has to be the most unheralded attraction anywhere in the World. With the chance to design your own attraction and waits usually under 20 minutes, it’s one of the best things to do in Future World.

Note: Sum of All Thrills has a 48-inch height requirement, which increases to 54 inches if your track design includes an upside-down segment.

Touring Tips

The ride is located inside Innoventions East, in Future World, just past The Electric Umbrella restaurant on the walkway to Mission: Space.

Not a high-capacity attraction, but also not on most guests' radar. Ride as early in the morning as possible.

Sum of All Thrills (in Innoventions East) Wait Times

This chart shows you roughly how long you'll wait for Sum of All Thrills (in Innoventions East) when you visit on a day with a given Epcot Crowd Level. The blue bars represent the average "peak" wait time (that is, how long the line will at its busiest). The bottom and top black lines represent the range of peak wait times to expect (for you fellow nerds out there: it's the 5th percentile and 95th percentile of peak wait times). Please note that these are estimates, and for a better forecast for your travel dates, see Sum of All Thrills (in Innoventions East) Wait Times.

Special Comments

48" height requirement; 54" for inversions.

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