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    The Eighth Voyage of Sindbad Stunt Show

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This attraction's final day of operation was September 15, 2018.
The information below is provided for historical reference.

Description And Comments

Held in a large, covered, open-air auditorium, this stunt show follows Sindbad the Sailor and his klutzysidekick Kabob as they search for treasure in a mysterious cave. Sindbad and Kabob meet various monsters and an evil queen, braving water explosions, 10-foot-tall circles of flame, and various other eruptions and perturbations as they (of course) rescue a princess in distress. The show climaxes in an impressive fire-burn stunt where a flaming actor takes a high-dive off a cliff into the lagoon.

As far as Orlando's stunt shows go, Sindbad ranks near the bottom. The stunning set was built before the script was even written, and it shows. Not unlike an action movie that substitutes a mind-numbing succession of explosions, crashes, and special effects for plot and character development, the production is so vacuous and redundant (not to mention silly) that it’s hard to get into the spirit of the thing.

A 2015 refurbishment freshened up the fisticuffs and updated some pop-culture references, while adding an inane audience participation preshow. The “improvements” weren’t enough to upgrade our opinion of the production. When our researchers went to review Sindbad, one team member passed, explaining that the show is like a colonoscopy--once every ten years is enough.

Touring Tips

See The Eighth Voyage after you’ve experienced the rides and the better-rated shows. We'd only recommend this show if it was unbearably hot or grapefruit-size hail was falling from the sky. We'd take our chances going someplace else if it was just, you know, golf ball-size hail. Shows typically begin around noon, and it's rare for the theater to fill up. Thanks to the Grade-Z dialogue, guests with limited English skills seem to enjoy this show more than native speakers.

A couple from Abercarn, Wales had this suggestion for extracting more entertainment value out of the show:

We watched the "Eighth Voyage of Sindbad" at IOA which wasn't particularly highly rated in the guide, but I feel it would rate better if you could pass on the "Rules for watching Pantomime" to the American public. First: When hero enters stage (at any time during the performance) cheer very loudly. Second: whenever villain enters, boo, hiss, or make some derogatory (but polite) noise. Third: when villain is on stage, but unseen by hero, it is usual to shout directions to hero, e.g. "He's behind you!" Or "he's over there!” Fourth: during fight sequences, cheer for hero and boo villain (at the same time). Fifth: when hero wins and gets the girl, loud cheering, wolf whistles, expressions such as "aww, cute," are permissible. Note: cheering for villain is only allowed when said villain meets unfortunate end!! We were a small, but quite vocal British contingent at the performance, but I like to think we added an extra dimension to the show! Perhaps these pointers could also be translated into Spanish, then we can all get cheering!

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