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Tom Sawyer Island is a getaway within the park. It has hills to climb; a cave, windmill, and pioneer stockade (Fort Langhorn) to explore; a tipsy barrel bridge to cross; and paths to follow. You can watch riverboats chug past. It’s a delight for adults and a godsend for children who have been in tow and closely supervised all day.

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Tom Sawyer Island isn’t one of the Magic Kingdom’s more celebrated attractions, but it’s one of the park’s better-conceived ones. Attention to detail is excellent, and kids revel in its frontier atmosphere. It’s a must for families with children ages 5–15. If your group is made up of adults, visit on your second day or on your first day after you’ve seen the attractions you most wanted to see.

Although children could spend a whole day on the island, plan on at least 20 minutes. Access is by raft from Frontierland; two operate simultaneously, and the trip is pretty efficient, although you may have to stand in line to board both ways. For a mother from Duncan, South Carolina, Tom Sawyer Island is as much a refuge as an attraction:

In the afternoon, when the crowds were at their peak and the weather at its hottest, our organization began to suffer. We retreated over to Tom Sawyer Island, which proved to be a true haven. My husband and I found a secluded bench and regrouped while the kids ran in the shade.

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Closes at dusk.

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The Imagineers see the Magic Kingdom slowly running out of space to build new rides, shows, and attractions. As a long-term (like 20-year) solution, one of their ideas is to fill in the River of America to make developable land. The Liberty Belle riverboat would be converted to Madame Medusa’s, a Disney villain–themed restaurant where your hostess would be the orphan-hating hag from 1977’s The Rescuers.

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