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    Country Bear Theater

Description And Comments

A cast of animatronic bears sing in a Western-style hoedown. It's charming, full of catchy songs, and some parts are downright hilarious. Country Bear Theater is home to three shows, that change depending on the season:

Country Bear Jamboree

The original show (as seen in Walt Disney World and formally Disneyland). There's no overarching story that ties the songs together, and there's no deep meaning to anything. It's just good old simple fun. This original show typically runs January to June.

Country Bear Vacation Jamboree

The Country Bears with a summer twist. Everyone is decked out in vacation attire (camp gear, shorts, or even bikinis) and has new songs to sing, including our personal favorite, Great Outdoors. The Vacation show is a bit more fast paced than the original. Vacation Jamboree runs June to November.

Country Bear Jingle Bell Jamboree

Jingle Bell Jamboree is perfect for those who love the feeling of Christmas. Classic Christmas tunes are performed (Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, Jingle Bells, and many more), usually with a comedic twist. Jingle Bell Jamboree is performed November until late December.

Touring Tips

There's no line to get in and see a show. You'll usually only have to wait until the next show starts. The waiting area is indoors, so even if you're a soulless and humorless person who finds no joy in the Country Bear shows, you'll want to step in and wait for a show just to escape the summer heat or winter cold.

How's It Different From the Walt Disney World and Disneyland Versions?

Tokyo Disneyland is the holy land for Country Bear fans. All three shows are still performed. Magic Kingdom severely shortened (or butchered, as some would argue) the Country Bear Jamboree in 2012. Magic Kingdom stopped showing their Vacation Jamboree show in 1992, and retired the Christmas show in 2005. Disneyland completely closed and removed the Country Bears in 2002.

Is it English Friendly?

About half the songs are in English and the other half are in Japanese. It doesnt affect our enjoyment of the show but your mileage my vary.

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