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    Tokyo DisneySea FASTPASS Advice and Tips

FASTPASS Attractions at Tokyo DisneySea

This page accompanies our FASTPASS Overview for Tokyo Disney Resort.

FASTPASS is Tokyo Disney's ride and show reservation system. On this page you will find FASTPASS tips and strategies, as well as FASTPASS rules and restrictions.

There are 8 attractions at Tokyo DisneySea currently offering FASTPASS.

Tokyo DisneySea FASTPASS Attractions · October 19, 2021
Attraction Land
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Mysterious Island
Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull Lost River Delta
Journey to the Center of the Earth Mysterious Island
The Magic Lamp Theater Arabian Coast
Nemo & Friends SeaRider Port Discovery
Raging Spirits Lost River Delta
Tower of Terror American Waterfront
Toy Story Mania! American Waterfront

Touring with FASTPASS in Tokyo DisneySea will make for a better experience. Here are some specific notes about touring with FASTPASS in Tokyo DisneySea: