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    Crew's Cup Lounge

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Disney's Yacht Club Resort


Heavy appetizers and entrees. Good for sharing. Cocktails, beer, and wine.


The Crew’s Cup Lounge is one of the better bars in Walt Disney World, although the reason for that statement is hard to explain. The entire room just feels...well, cool. It starts when you approach the door, which is found in the Yacht Club’s hallway, heading towards the Beach Club Resort. One of the things that makes Crew’s Cup cool is the understated sign hanging in the hall, a few steps up, as well as a plain door. The facade is easily overshadowed by the Yachtsman Steakhouse, but that secret, speakeasy style entry makes it a little hard to find, and we all know that the coolest places don’t need to advertise.

Walking in you immediately notice the theme, which is rowing, but are not overwhelmed by it. There are a few images of rowers here and there and a few oars along the walls, but it is mostly just a quaint, slightly dark, overwhelmingly wood-paneled lounge. The rowing theme obviously fits in with the Yacht Club Resort and the Crew’s Cup looks as if it would be a place that a crew team would hang out after practice.

While many Americans do not think of crew or rowing as major sports, it certainly has a long history in the United States. It began as soon as the English landed, having been popular there several centuries prior. Yale University boast the oldest American college crew club, started in 1843, and the Harvard versus Yale regatta is the oldest intercollegiate sport in the U.S. It is so old in fact (started in 1852), that it had to be paused during the American Civil War!

The entire Crew’s Cup Lounge hints toward this history. The shell (or boat to you landlubbers) hanging from the ceiling is a common place for storage when there are no racks. The oars along the walls are each painted differently, which is how a team identifies itself (although these oars match no teams that we could find). Even just the exposed rafters and craftsman touches point toward a New England style around the year 1900.

For those interested in what goes on in a kitchen, there is a window that looks into a section of the Yachtsman Steakhouse’s back of house. Often during dinner time you will see a prep chef getting ready for the mealtime rush. Once you decide to have a seat, there are a few different options, with seats at the bar, a handful of booths, a few tables and chairs, and also a few couches. Whether you are there for dinner, relaxation, or to watch the television, you will find a seat to match.

Speaking of dinner, there is both food and drink aplenty, although the drink list is our one big knock on The Crew’s Cup as it follows the standard Disney drink menu. The food here is above average and consists of hearty appetizers, burgers, and chicken tenders. Nothing fancy, but good quality and decently priced (for Walt Disney World).

The Crew’s Cup Lounge is not often mentioned as a favorite spot, and we will hope it stays that way because that just means more room for us. After all, if everyone knows it might stop being so cool.