Description And Comments

Imagine a mild spinning ride similar to Disney's Magic Carpets of Aladdin, TriceraTop Spin and Dumbo rides, only with Seuss-style fish for ride vehicles, and you've got half the story. The other half involves yet another opportunity to drown.

Guests board a fish-shaped ride vehicle mounted to an arm attached to a central axis, around which the ride vehicles spin. Guests can raise and lower their fish 15 feet in the air while traveling in circles, while trying to avoid streams of water sprayed by other fish mounted to "squirt posts" around the ride's perimeter. You can avoid most of the spray by going up or down at the right time. If you pay attention to the color of your vehicle and listen to the song played in the background, you can (eventually) figure out when to move your fish.

Touring Tips

We don’t know what it is about IOA and water, but you’ll get wetter than at a full-immersion baptism. Lines can build in the afternoon, so ride early while you’ll still have time to dry off.

Special Comments

Plan on getting wet.

Special Needs

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