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Similar to Agent P's World Showcase Adventure, A Pirate’s Adventure features interactive areas with physical props and narrations that lead guests through a quest to find lost treasure, all within Adventureland.

Guests begin their journey at an old Cartography Shop near Golden Oak Outpost. This is the central hub for adventurers helping locate missing treasure. Groups of up to six people are given a talisman (a RFID card) that will help them on their journey. Guests use the talisman to activate a TV screen, which will assign them one of five different missions. Your group is then given a map and sent off to find your first location.

Once at the location, one member of the party touches the talisman to the symbol at the station, and the animation begins. Each adventure has four or five stops throughout Adventureland, and each stop contains 30–45 seconds of activity. No strategy or action is required: you watch what unfolds on the screen, get your next destination, and head off. All missions function similarly.

We like how well each station integrates into its surroundings, and how the stations’ artifacts and props merge together the attraction and movie storylines. A Pirate’s Adventure also serves as a good introduction to other interactive games, such as Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. If your kids can play a round of Pirate’s Adventure without getting bored or frustrated, give Sorcerers a try.

Touring Tips

There are 5 total missions (plus a finale), and each mission takes about 15 minutes. Complete as many as you'd like. The effects look better after dark.

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