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This daytime parade brings vibrantly costumed characters and new music to a daily procession of innovative floats in Magic Kingdom.

There are more that 100 live performers accompanying floats based on The Little Mermaid, Brave, Tangled, Peter Pan, Sleeping Beauty (along with a 26-foot-tall Maleficent in dragon form), princesses (including Anna and Elsa from Frozen), Mickey and Minnie on an airship, and more!

Touring Tips

Since there is usually only a single showing of this parade each day, if you want to get first-row viewing, be prepared to camp out 30-45 minutes beforehand. The show winds all the way from Frontierland near Splash Mountain to Main Street, where it rounds Town Square and exits via a gate near the Fire Station.

If you want to see the parade at its peak, watch from Frontierland or the Hub - the choreography on some of the floats has parade performers tired out by the end of the route.

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A note to parents with small children: the Sleeping Beauty parade unit contains a fire-breathing dragon as well as thorn stilt walkers and costumed raven performers, all of which may be a little scary to very small kids. The Sleeping Beauty unit is a change of pace from the rest of the parade, and those with little ones may want to be prepared.

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Beauty Gets the Boot

The Festival of Fantasy parade has Maleficent-as-dragon, Prince Phillip, and Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather from Sleeping Beauty--but no Aurora. She was supposed to be featured on this parade's lead float, the Princess Garden. But then Frozen became a monstrous hit at the box office, and Aurora found herself out in the cold as that float was reworked to make room for Anna, Elsa, and Olaf.

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