This attraction is NOT YET OPEN!
It is expected to open on June 21, 2016.

Description And Comments

Princess Fairytale Hall is Disney-princess central in the Magic Kingdom. Inside are two greeting venues, with each holding a small reception area for two princesses. Thus, there are four princesses meeting and greeting at any time, and you can see two of them at once. Signs outside the entrance tell you which line leads to which princess pair and how long the wait will be.

Around 5-10 guests at a time are admitted to each greeting area, where there’s plenty of time for small talk, a photo, and a hug from each princess. Enough time is given to each family, in fact, that we ran out of things to say to Rapunzel and shuffled quietly over to Snow White.

The Princess Fairytale Hall attraction has two separate queues. Each is anchored by one princess (either Cinderella or Rapunzel) who is accompanied by a "visiting" princess. Thus like at Pete's Silly Sideshow you get to see two characters after a single wait in line.

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