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A once-unique prototype of a linear-induction-powered mass-transit system, the PeopleMover's tramlike cars carry riders on a leisurely tour of Tomorrowland, including a peek inside Space Mountain. In ancient times, the attraction was called the WEDway PeopleMover ("WED" being the initials of one Walter Elias Disney).

The mother of a height-challenged 4-year-old has this to say about the PeopleMover:

After all my planning and my detailed touring plan, my 4 year old's favorite ride was "the blue ride!" He loved the people mover. He rode it 10 times over the course of our trip. Since he was too small to go on Space Mountain, he loved feeling like he had been able to since he was able to see part of it.

We agree and could happily spend hours on this attraction, especially when it's hot out.

A Delafield, Wisconsin, family offers only the faintest of praise:

Tomorrowland is best at night. With the lights, it turns boring rides like the PeopleMover into something less boring.

Touring Tips

A relaxing ride, where lines move quickly. It's a good choice during busier times of day.

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A good way to check out the line at Space Mountain and the Speedway.

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