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Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress is a four-act play offering a nostalgic look at how electricity and technology changed the lives of an animatronic family during the 20th century. General Electric sponsored the first version of the show for the 1964 World’s Fair in New York, in keeping with the fair’s theme of progress. The first scene is set around 1900; the second around 1927; the third in the late 1940’s. The fourth scene is allegedly contemporary, but the script’s references to “laser discs” and “car phones” – and the Smithsonian-eligible laptop on the kitchen counter – give away its last major revision in 1993.

Though dated, Carousel of Progress was almost entirely conceived and guided by Walt Disney himself, rare among Magic Kingdom attractions. It is the only Magic Kingdom attraction to display Walt’s optimistic vision of a better future through technology and industry. If you’re interested in the man behind the mouse, this show is a must-see.

Touring Tips

Carousel of Progress handles big crowds effectively and is a good choice during busier times of day. Because of its age, it seems to have more minor operational glitches than most attractions, so you may be subjected to the same dialogue and songs several times. Look at it as extra air-conditioning.


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